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The Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development in 2022

by sudotech
Mobile App Development Programming Languages

Today there are too many choices for software developers when it comes to programming languages. They can choose native platforms, hybrid platforms or cross-platform development to build their applications. For example, developers who want to code for iOS use the Swift platform. Kotlin is another language for Android developers to code a programme. And developers aiming to develop cross-platform applications can use Java or React, among many other alternatives.

There are three main ways that software developers use to build an app: a native app, a hybrid app, or a progressive web app. Native apps are useful to work on one specific platform, usually Android or iOS. These apps are built using Swift or Objective C for iOS. For Android devices, they use C++, Kotlin or many other languages. And, languages like JavaScript is useful to develop hybrid apps by developers.

Best platforms/language for mobile app development

Here we will look at some of the best programming languages in 2022 that must be used by a mobile app development company in Dubai or elsewhere in the world.

  1. Swift

Swift is an open-source platform that software developers use to develop mobile apps for iOS. Swift’s flexibility and scalability are two features that make it a favourite among developers. A product of Apple, Swift was launched in 2014 as a language and released to developers for mobile application development after a year. Later, Apple has made it clear that Swift is the best language for coding mobile applications for iOS.

As for its advantages, it works on Cocoa and Cocoa Touch platforms; it provides easy scalability, concise syntax and more. It is also faster than other platforms and less complicated and bug-prone than Objective C. However, the platform is somewhat new and untested than Objective C and requires regular updates.

  1. Java

Mobile app software developers use Java as a server-side language to develop Android applications. It is an object-oriented language and has many open-source libraries. It is also useful for cross-platform and PWAs apps and use by many developers worldwide. Many programmers also consider it the go-to platform for Android application development. Initially developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995, today, Java is owned by Oracle. Java uses bytecode to interpret at runtime by Java Virtual Machine.

As for the Java pros, its code is reusable and portable, and it works on the most comprehensive range of devices. It is also flexible and adaptable to any device and environment. On the other hand, Java Virtual Machine has some bugs, Class syntax and libraries have writing problems, and it is not easy to execute.

  1. Kotlin

In 2017, Google announced it would support Kotlin for Android application development. Kotlin is an open-source mobile app development platform and uses Java bytecode, libraries and Virtual Machine. Kotlin is slower than Java. However, it has native support. Many Android IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) work with Kotlin.

Kotlin is a concise and straightforward language and allows functional programming. It is appropriate for a large community of users and provides good support. However, it is new compared to its counterparts (with limited learning resources) and is slower than Java.

  1. Dart

Google launched dart in 2011 as an open-source and object-oriented programming language for mobile app development. You can use it for both client-side and server-side programming. Dart uses a C-style syntax and it is also useful to create native and cross-platform applications by software developers.

Dart is easy to learn, and its code works for web and mobile applications. A perfect platform for a large community of users and provides good support to both web and mobile apps. On the other side, it requires writing sub and generic domain packages, and it is not a robust platform on the backend/server-side.

  1. JavaScript

As per the findings of Statista, JavaScript is the most used platform or language for app development across the world. According to a recent survey by Statista, almost 60% of developers are using JavaScript. Most developers use JavaScript because of its feasibility in cross-platform development. It is available in many flavours and supports many frameworks, libraries, and it is very useful for developers for many purposes. Usually, developers use it to create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

On the positive side, JavaScript is fast, versatile, flexible and easy to use. However, on the other side, it has varying browser support, vulnerable to threats, and scripting is unpredictable many times.

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