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The Best Guide to Buying a Local Blog for Your Business

by Ben Gairdner
The Best Guide to Buying a Local Blog for Your Business

To grow your business rapidly, you need a lot of local visitors. Besides, the business requires content for the visitors to discover, interact, and become part of your community. Well, you can do this on your on your own; but it requires time. A faster and more reliable way is considering buying an already existing local blog.

Benefits of Buying a Blog for Your Website

While some might be skeptical about buying local websites compared to starting afresh, it depends on your ability to create and build one. Here are the main advantages of buying a blog.

  • There are no surprises: The buyer will review the content to know what he/she is getting. There are no surprises.
  • You can tell the traffic to anticipate before acquiring the blog: The traffic that the blog is attracting will all be redirected to your website. Therefore, you can assess the traffic to know the gain to anticipate.
  • You get links and trust to the current website: Blogs are run by experts and followers trust them for opinions, discussions, reviews, suggestions, and guidelines on various topics. That is the trust that will be passed to your website.
  • Your site gets a new content generator: Once you acquire a new blog, the previous owner will keep writing for you at least for some time. If you agree with the seller, he/she could be your main content generator.

A Guide to Buying a Log Blog

  • Identify a local blog for sale: Selecting a blog on sale can be an uphill task. However, it will be even more difficult to identify the right blog that will drive the traffic and conversion you require. Make your searches carefully including your target blog. For example, a business looking for a restaurant related blog could refine the searches to; New York restaurant blog, Chicago hotel blog, Hospitality blog. Remember to check even the second and third pages of the SERPs.
  • Carry due diligence: While the main target is getting a blog to boost your website, a slight mistake can seriously hurt. You need to carry due diligence by checking the backlinks, domain names, trademarks, and carry an SEO audit on the blog. You can do all of these by using specific tools such as Screaming Frog or SEMrush. If you are not clear of how to check the suitability of the blog, it is advisable to contract an expert. The professional will check everything from your objective to the potential that the new blog brings to the site. Many SEO agencies and SEO consultants provide this service.
  • Negotiate the price as well as terms and conditions: Identifying a good website is only the first step. However, you must do more. You need to negotiate the price, establish the existing posts and determine whether the domain name is valuable. Also, establish how long it would take to get traffic through PPC, average CPS, and conversion?
  • Integrate the website to your site: Now that you have a blog and understand everything and how it will affect your site, it is time to integrate it into your business. It is important to have the integration done properly and follow-up done to ensure that everything transitions as expected.

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