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The 6 Best Reasons to Use Content Pillars in Social

by Syed_Hamza

What to post today? 

A question that every social media manager struggles with every day! 

A social media manager’s job is tough and there are no two questions about it. From content creation to measuring how well the posts are doing, it can be quite daunting.

So what can one do? 

Wondering how you would create your fantastic content marketing strategy? Aside from blogs, emails, and social media posts. There is something big that can generate a tremendous amount of content. Think out of the box! 

Just two words: Content Pillar.

Content Pillar is considered as the killer content marketing strategy as it focuses more on the specific theme or topic rather than the keywords. It means you can create content in a bulk around one central theme. As a result, it is beneficial for your targeted audience and search engines. 

If you have just stepped your feet into the world of digital marketing and you haven’t heard about the content pillars, then you have tapped on the right place. As here, we will explore all about content pillars and the significant reasons to use them. Once you end reading the article, you would love to create one for your website too. 

Let’s start! 

What are Content Pillars? 

Content Pillars are the informative pieces of the content that follows a specific theme that can be further broken into small chunks of derivatives sections and materials. For instance, a content pillar can include E-books, guides, and reports. 

You can even use the detailed pieces of content pillars to fuel up all those social media platforms you are struggling with. It’s easier to break down your content into smaller pieces and turn it into a blog post, infographics, emails, social media posts to capture your audience’s attention. 

Content pillars are considered powerful content not only for content marketing strategy but also for Search Engine Optimization. 

These search engines always value the content pillars and help you rank in a good position in the search engine pages.  

Wondering how? 

Because these pillar contents cover a lot of the content related to the specific theme or topic, helping you create meaningful content.

That’s where Content pillars come into action, as it is a significant way to boost your SEO and a great way to generate a massive amount of traffic on your website. 

Content Pillars Categories 

Content pillars are further broken down into four categories 

  • Inspirational 
  • Promotional 
  • Educational 
  • Story 

Let’s discuss each! 


  • Encouraging enough to attract your targeted audience 
  • Displays your brand or product’s value
  • Creating a scroll stopping content that inspires your audience 
  • Makes your way towards community engagements


  • Using Call to Actions 
  • Explain your product’s offer briefly 
  • Displays your brand’s or products benefits and services 


  • Shares your vast knowledge and expertise in the field 
  • Simplifies a process 
  • Your audience would love to learn from all your experiences and knowledge 
  • Most importantly, give your audience a big reason to follow you. 


  • Introduce your team to your audience, let them know humans are working behind the screen, not the bots. 
  • Tell them what happens behind the scenes. 
  • Try to build a strong relationship with your audience 
  • Must share your ‘WHYs.’ 

These all are the four great categories of a content pillar. Now, let’s move to the examples of content pillars.

Let’s take a look at the few examples of content pillars 

  • Ebooks 
  • Detailed reports 
  • Guides for beginners 
  • Briefly explained video content

Why Content Pillars? 

The primary reason is that content pillars help you make your way in a crowded world of digital marketing. Here’s why you need to create a content pillar 

  • The content pillar comprises all the detailed information, from answering a question to solving a problem. It does all by providing accurate information. 
  • It’s a more comprehensive and detailed one as compared to the other contents. 
  • Most importantly, it’s an excellent source for a content strategy that helps create valuable and incredible long content. 

Well, these are the significant reasons you should consider. Now moving forward to the types of content pillars. 

Types of Content Pillars 

We have discussed all the content pillars, the categories, and why you should go for a content pillar. Now, let’s look at the types of content pillars you need to create to rank your website. 

There are various types of content pillars, but here we are jotting down some most common types. 

Ultimate Guide Pillar Pages

The name itself refers to the ultimate long guide, which includes a parent’s topic with the subtopics. It can be said to be a complete guide about a specific topic. 

Product/Services Pillar Page 

Product or services pillar pages are pretty similar to the ultimate guide, but it focuses more on showing the product and services of your brand. 

Resources Pillar Page 

Resources pillar pages refer to the complete comprehensive list of valuable resources for your targeted audience, which includes a list of tools, statistics, case studies, and others. Also, you can schedule LinkedIn posts.  

Reasons to Use Content Pillars 

There are many reasons to use pillar content for your website or social media. Still, one significant reason is that it provides all the relevant brief information about the particular theme or topic in one centralized place. You don’t need to go and switch tabs to search the different things related to the case. You get all the brief information all in one place. 

Content Pillar Saves your Time 

Wondering how content pillar can be a time saver? 

Because it helps you divide your time between particular sub-topics and emphasizes creating flashy chunks of content pieces. So, it’s better to focus on your specific topic or theme rather than creating different content each day for your social media platforms. When creating pillar content, you would realize how much time you can spend making a long chatty bit of content. 

Content Spread 

The best thing about the content pillar is that it helps your content to spread. No matter how good your content’s quality is, no one wants to read the same things over and over again. You need to add some spice to your content to make it more engaging and valuable for your targeted audience. 

Once you have created your content pillar, you can easily manage to spread your content with the help of your content calendar. Schedule your content pillar on your content calendar using a social media management tool and let it post on your social media platforms. Share content pillar with your targeted audience so that they can spend more time on your social media page and engage with your post. 

Produce Enough Quality Content 

When it comes to producing high-quality content, it’s pretty challenging for all social media marketers to develop creative ideas to inspire their audience. Posting content on each social media platform is a daunting task. So why not create a content pillar that covers all the relevant information you need to put in your single piece of content.

Once you create a long content pillar, you can easily schedule and post it on your social media platforms. Produce high-quality content on your social media platforms. You can even schedule your content using social media tools like Buffer alternatives and schedule on your desired time. 

Easy to Convey 

Although Content pillars are long and detailed content, the best part is that it is easy to convey your message through them. You can break your content pieces into the subtopics so that your audience can have the most of it quickly. These content pillars help you to communicate concepts in a better way. It creates a sense of familiarity between you and your audience. 

Cycle of Success 

We all strive for success every day. Content pillars are a great way to identify your content that performs faster. Who doesn’t love to have the solution for their problem? When creating and implementing a content pillar, you can quickly skyrocket your content. 

The best way to promote your content pillar is to use your social media content calendar. It narrowed down your dates, time, and which content pillar you have to use this week. A thing to remember! Make sure your content resonates with your targeted audience. 

Increase Domain Authority 

Thinking how content pillars can increase your website’s domain authority? 

Frequently, Google ranks those blogs on the first page, which are unique, and consist of all the relevant attachments to the blog. You need to have authentic hyperlinks in your content pillars to increase your domain authority to get positive outcomes. The more you add accurate hyperlinks to your content pillar, the more you can increase your website’s domain authority. 

Final Thoughts! 

When it comes to maintaining your social media presence, then you should consider content pillars. It saves you valuable time, helps you to skyrocket your content marketing campaigns by the content spread, produces enough engaging quality content to attract your targeted audience, accessible and authentic way to convey, helps increase your website’s domain authority, and lastly, a complete cycle of success.

Instead of thinking and creating content for all your social media platforms individually, it’s better to invest enough time and resources in a spice theme or topic. 

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