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Strategies to Batch Convert Outlook Email to Word Document

by Minki

If you are also wondering for the solution to know how to convert Outlook email to Word. Then you landed on the proper right page.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the method. Here, we emerge with an appropriate guide to know that how to carry out the conversion procedure without any struggle. So proceed forward to get it in detail.

User Query

I am having hundreds of PST files and want to convert Outlook emails into Word documents for the retrieval process. My personal folders are full and it will imbibe too much time to open and save every individual file. Can anyone please suggest me method to convert Outlook email to Word document format? Thanks!”

– Robert, USA

My colleague send me a bundle of crucial documents pasting on the email body of Outlook. We need to revise those documents and it is not feasible to do the task by opening the email every time when we need it. For this reason, we want to convert Outlook email to MS Word format. We went through some manual methods but those did not work. Can anyone recommend a reliable method, ideally a software, that can export emails from Outlook into Word format?”

-Steven, Africa

Therefore, as we see the efforts of the users to sort out the problem. So, we recommend them to go with PST converter into multiple Formats.

What are the techniques to convert Outlook email to Word easily?

Preferably, there are two methods to perform Outlook emails to Microsoft Word. They are:

  1. Software Solution
  2. Manual Solution

Professional Way to Save Outlook email to Word

convert outlook email to word

This tool can export emails from Outlook to Word Document file-formats including DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF without any data loss or data manipulation. Also, this tool has a proactive interface and is easily understandable by anyone.

This tool also allows users to convert Outlook email to Word document formats without Outlook installation.

Follow these steps, for operating the tool.

    1. Download and run the tool in your Window PC system.
    2. Go to the Add file option to select the PST file.
    3. After that all emails get opened up on your screen. Click on Export from the upper right bar. And, select DOC as saving format in Select Export Type .
    4. Finally, click on the Export button.

Thus, your Microsoft Outlook email data get converted into Word format in a few basic steps.

Characteristics of the application

  • Ability to convert PST files in any format.
  • Gives the option to add multiple PST files.
  • Save password-protected files also in any given format.
  • Also, recovers corrupted files and converts them.
  • Installation of Microsoft Outlook does not require.
  • Supports all Windows operating versions.

As, it has various features, that’s why it is preferred by many users. It does not require any technical knowledge to run the tool. Even, it is also designed to make non-technical users comfortable using it. Therefore, it resolves the query that how to convert Outlook email to Word format.

Most of the users seek the manual solution as well. Let us look at it also.

Manual Method to Convert Outlook Email to Word

Follow these simple steps of the manual method.

  1. Firstly, launch the MS Outlook application in your system.
  2. Then, select the email which you want to convert in the Word document.
  3. Go to the File menu. Then click on save as an option.
  4. Afterwards, in the pop-up dialog box, choose a destination to save. And select Text only in Save as the field.
  5. After saving the file, go to the Microsoft Word application.
  6. Tap on the File menu. Then click on Open .
  7. A dialog box opens. There select all files and enter the file name.
  8. After selecting open , the file opens in MS Word.
  9. Now, go to Save as .
  10. Finally, in save as choose Word document option only. Lastly, hit on Save button.

Consequences of Manual Method

While performing the above manual method, the user faces some issues. Which makes it difficult to batch convert Outlook email to Word.

  • It is a extremely time-consuming method and lengthy process.
  • Bulk conversion is not available. To save bulk Outlook emails, it is not possible through the manual method.
  • Confusing process. As, it involves multiple steps, it confuses the users. A single miss click leads to wasting of time and effort as well.
  • Need guidance. While performing steps one needs a guide to working on it.
  • Chances of crucial data loss. Sometimes, using manual methods, there is a high risk involved in data loss.
  • Folder hierarchy. The manual method does not give assurity of maintaining folder hierarchy.

So, to avoid such problems we recommend you use the professional technique. PST converter is tested and trusted software.

Final Verdict

In this article, we troubleshoot convert Outlook email to Word issues. We check the manual method. But in last due to above-mentioned limitations, we go to professional software. Thus, by using a PST converter it is very easy to get rid of such queries.

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