Some Of The Most Loved Smartphone Brand Among Indian Consumers


India has been a top-notch destination for smartphone manufacturers. In the fiscal year of 2016, India’s market value for smartphones manufactured domestically was around $480 billion. In 2017, Indians bought around 134 million smartphones, and the numbers are supposed to triple in the coming year 2022. 

With this data, you can conclude that Indians adore high-class technology and the latest smartphones with new and trendy features.

But who do you think are the most loved mobile phone brands in India? In this article, you will learn about the top-selling smartphone brands in India. 

VIVO: Vivo has always been a popular and most loved brand for Camera & Music. The new tagline of the mobile phone itself is “Camera & Music.” Vivo, owned by BBK Electronics, is the primary sponsor for IPL (Indian Premier League).

Features of VIVO smartphones

  • Powerful battery capacity up to 4100
  • High-quality rear and front camera
  • Improved display

Popular VIVO Smartphones

  • Vivo V17 Pro, 
  • V15 Pro
  • Vivo U10
  • Vivo 
  • Vivo Y91i

Offered price range – The brand offers a highly affordable price range starting from RS 10000 up to RS 40000. 

Oppo: Oppo is a Chinese manufacturer that launched its operation in India as a BBK electronics part in 2014. However, presently, it has become the top player in the field of smartphone manufacturing. It is popular to provide impeccable features within the common man’s budget. 

Features of Oppo smartphones

  • 10X zooming facility
  • Pop-up camera
  • No bezels
  • Fast performance

Popular Oppo Smartphones

  • Oppo F11
  • Oppo F11 Pro
  • Oppo A7
  • Oppo A5
  • Oppo A3s

Offered price range – You can buy the best featured Oppo smartphones ranging from RS 15000 to RS 60000

OnePlus: OnePlus is a Chinese manufacturer operating from Shenzhen. This smartphone brand is popular for its state-of-art design and mobile features among youth in India. Its premium phones come in the price range above RS 30000 with unique features and fast performance. 

Features of OnePlus smartphones

  • Fast processor
  • Lighting fast speed
  • Android 10
  • Fast charging

Popular OnePlus Smartphones

  • OnePlus 7T
  • OnePlus 7
  • OnePlus 7 Pro 
  • OnePlus 7T Pro 
  • OnePlus 6T

Offered price range – Although the smartphones are available at budget-friendly prices starting from RS 10000 yet, the premium features are available in the price range above RS 3o000.

Samsung: No matter how many new brands came into the market, Samsung has always remained unaffected because of its reliability and up to mark performance. This Korean Brand shares a huge piece of the pie as an electronic and smartphone manufacturer in the whole world. It is popular for its both high priced flagship smartphones as well budget-friendly phones. 

Features of Samsung smartphones

  • 12 GB RAM
  • Quad HD + Screen resolution
  • Clearest visuals
  • No bezels on the display

Popular Samsung Smartphones

  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy M30
  • Galaxy A50s
  • Galaxy S9 Plus
  • Galaxy M30s

Offered price range – The price starts from RS 15000 and goes up to Rs 1.2 lakh

Apple: This brand perhaps needs no introduction. However, we must learn about its features and offerings. Apple is one of the most profitable brands in India as well as abroad. Apart from its smartphones, the electronics line-ups, including tablets, laptops, and computers, are among the most loved ones. 

Features of Apple smartphones

  • No Bloatware
  • Fast processing
  • Quick OS updates
  • Great functionality with Macs
  • Apple Pay

Popular Apple Smartphones

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 6s

Offered price range – The lowest price range available in Apple is RS 20000, and the highest is Rs 1.5 lakh.

Realme: Even though a little backtracked by mobile giants like Apple and Samsung, Realme is the answer to the midrange buyers’ ardent prayers. This brand joined the mobile world silently and crept up the ladder with equal silence. However, once it has established its credibility, the triumphant noise could be heard from everywhere. Realme mobile phones have been manufactured for midrange consumers. Keeping in mind the demand and requirement, Realme has adorned itself with flashy features and a high-definition display.

Most Popular Realme Mobile

Realme 7 is perhaps the most popular creation of the brand. Coming at an unpretentious price, Realme 7 is here to stay. Even though it falls in the midrange category, the phone has nothing midrange about it. From its hefty 6.5-inch display to 8GB RAM, it offers everything the mobile freaks dream about it. 

The list of the best-selling mobiles in India ends here with a note that much more has to come in the future. 

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