Snow Guard: Different Types of Snow Guards


A solar panel guard is a physical barrier typically installed between or on the sides of the solar panels to protect them from snow. Snow guards protect your family from mini avalanches resulting from residential solar. A snow guard captures the snow slides off the PV array, prevents the snow from falling on your solar panels efficiently, and keeps your home energy balanced. There are many types of solar guards available in the market. Some of the top-rated snow guards are described below.

  • Snow Pad 

A small bracket type system is installed between each solar panel called a snow pad. These brackets slow down the melting process and slide down the snow and ice. Thus, it reduces the threat of sudden avalanches.  

  • Snow Rail

A series of brackets installed on the bottom side of the solar PV panel system is called snow rail. Because it looks like a rail line, and it’s named after that. It prevents the snow slide, cuts them into small sections, and slides down the snow and ice.

  • Clamp-on Snow Guards

Being attached at the edges of solar panels or in between them, clamp-on snow guards are helpful in releasing small patches of snow slowly. They also hold the snow on the solar panel until it melts naturally. For this reason, the efficiency of the solar system may decrease.

  • Alpine Snow-Guards

These solar panels are installed by using screws on clamps on the surface of the solar panel frame. Alpine snow guards are generally made from recycled materials. And there are two types of alpine snow guard available.

  • The Solar SnowMax

The perfect snow guard for moderate snowfalls, designed to install on both portrait and landscape PV cell arrays. These guards maintain a low profile and give the maximum time to your solar panel to collect solar energy.

  • Color Guard

A safe system for solar panels needs to use a pointed screw that allows a penetration-free clamp to be attached. Color guards are usually of the same color as the roof. 

  • Snow Breaker Snow Guard

This type of snow guard is designed in such a way to break snow and ice into small pieces before it slides off from the panel’s roof. Use snow-safe adhesive material or clamps that prevents roof stress and leaks for installing them. 

  • Snow Fence Snow guard

Snow fence snow guards can be attached to any kind of roof separately from the PV system to diminish the impact of solar itself. It can be easily installed before and after the solar panel’s installation process. 

Wrapping Up

Areas with snowfall need to be guarded by snow guards on their roofs to protect their families and keep the solar panel working. It will be the defender in the guard stand between the mini avalanches and your family.



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