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Skyrocket Your On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business By Launching Bigbasket Clone App

by HermitC Chawla
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In the current days, there is a continuous increase in the popularity of on-demand service apps. A vast majority of the entrepreneurs have their eyes on this market.

This article is for you, in case you are a budding entrepreneur focusing on trying your hands in the on-demand grocery delivery industry.

In this regard, you will have to get a proper understanding of the business prospect which is associated with the development of a Bigbasket clone script in the existing market.

But, first of all, it is important to know about the features which the modern consumers will expect in your application.

Essential Features In Your On-Demand Grocery Delivery Application

Some of the integral features which should be essentially included in your on-demand grocery delivery application includes the following:

  • Customer Side Application

Your main goal is to integrate user-centric features specifically in the customer-side application. This is something that will contribute to providing a seamless UX or user experience.

Another important thing is to pay proper attention to the UX or UI design aspects of your app. This is something that tends to positively impact the mindset of your customers.

As you will launch your application in the market, you must ensure that your app contains all of the integral features such as:

  • Shopping list
  • Shop by category
  • Detection of the delivery address
  • User login
  • Virtual cart
  • Search items or category
  • Past orders
  • Tracking ongoing orders
  • My account
  • Before you checkout feature
  • Push notifications
  • Premium membership
  • Payment and checkout method
  • Promotions and offers
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Choose delivery slot
  • Add certain items to an already existing order
  • Ratings and review

Store Application

The store application will be effectively managed by the manager or other employees. They can automate the process as well as control their business operations. Some of the most important features which should never be missed include the following:

  • Managing payments
  • Managing time slots
  • Assigning driver
  • Managing categories
  • Managing items
  • Managing offers
  • Reports and analytics
  • Managing stock
  • Replying to the customers

Delivery Executive Side Application

The application which is specifically meant for the delivery executives should possess all the characteristics to make the deliveries faster and simpler.

Not only that but these particular apps should be integrated with the AI models which will contribute to providing alternate routes for them. Also, it will be updated following the real-time traffic conditions.

Below are mentioned some of the most important features which will contribute to making your application more user-friendly:

  • Updating status of payment
  • Updating status of the order
  • Accepting delivery
  • Live GPS for detection of the exact location of the customer
  • Order history of the driver
  • Profile management of the driver
  • Earnings report of the driver

Revenue Models Of This Business

 Commission Fee Per Sale

For each order that is placed in your application, you will get a commission fee. All that you need is to make sure that your commission fee is reasonable enough to effectively benefit both of the parties.

 Retailer Commission

The primary revenue source in your on-demand grocery delivery application is the retailer commission. In this regard, your main work is to collaborate with various retailers. This is considered to be an important step that will effectively boost your overall revenue.

 Brand Establishment

One of the most effective ways to boost your revenue includes advertisements. All that you need is to make sure that your app development team focuses on optimizing the UI by proper placement of the business promotions as well as banner ads.

Delivery Fee

It is also possible to impose delivery fees based on several factors such as distance, time, traffic, weather, etc. All that you need is to make sure that the strategy you use in pricing is proper and genuine for each of the orders.

Marginal Cost Price

Bigbasket specifically works based on an inventory model because they are involved in stocking up the products in their warehouse.

Along with the regular cost, they focus on adding a marginal rate to the cost of the products. So, adding marginal cost is another great strategy to boost your revenue. But, the price imposed should be nominal to get the best outcomes.

Concluding Lines

In this way, you would be able to skyrocket your on-demand grocery delivery business by launching the Bigbasket clone application. As the market prospects of this type of apps are booming and so, it is a great idea to start with it and generate a lot of profits.

To get started, all that you need is to visit this site for expert Bigbasket clone services. They will help to launch your application.


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