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Seven Reasons that your Car Battery is Draining and you have No Idea!

by RoseBohn
Drained Car Battery

You woke up late and rush to your car because you got late for an important meeting only to find out that the car is not starting. You would probably think that there is a fault in your stars, but it’s not. It can be due to your weak car battery. A car battery is a vital part as it sends the power to electrical power to the other components of the car which also includes air conditioning, lights and more.

Usually, the reason behind a car battery is that its power is draining, which can lead to big problems shortly such as a DEAD CAR BATTERY! And if your car battery is dead then without any doubt you need to do a car battery replacement service. Power draining of the car battery is problematic but it can be avoided by knowing what causes the one.

Pay close attention to these points, so your car battery will not drain next time:- 

  1. It can be your Mistake

The majority of drivers tend to forget to switch off the headlights of the car, this can surely cause the battery to drain. This can be one of the reasons why your car battery is draining faster and it won’t even start. So it is necessary to check whether all the electrical lights of the car is switched off or not. Nowadays car comes with the feature that it sends an alarm that headlights are on.

Even leaving your smartphone or tablet connected to your car charging cable for a longer period can drain excessive power of the battery. It is better to pay attention to this aspect and make sure your car battery won’t drain due to this reason anymore.

  1. Car Battery is turning Old

One thing that drivers usually oversee in the car is the battery’s age, on average a car battery lasts up to three to five years. Many factors can affect the car battery age such as driving habits, weather conditions, short trips and others that can shorten the car battery’s life. Even after jump-starting the car, if your car won’t start then you need to replace the car battery. 

  1. Foe of the Battery- Rust 

Rust can develop into any place where there is a presence of moisture and water. So there is always a high chance that battery connectors may get corroded in time and your car will have trouble starting as it won’t be able to transmit the power in the engine. You can avert the corrosion in the battery by regularly cleaning your battery terminals but for that, you must get done with the professionals or do it yourself but with safety precautions.

  1. Car Battery like Longer Drives

Whenever a car is turned on it uses a large amount of power to get it started, to revive the power the alternator needs some time for that long drives are preferable. To avoid any power draining from the car battery, it is advised not to take short trips such as to the grocery store near your home etc.

  1. Fault in your Charging System 

Even though you switched off all the lights in the car, but the battery is still draining then the only reason can be the fault in the charging system. The problem with the charging system means it won’t be able to charge the battery as fast as it’s draining. This will eventually leave you deserted in the middle of nowhere. The main part of a charging system is an alternator and if an alternator belt is loose or it is faulty then the battery won’t able to work properly.

  1. Extreme Weather can be Spoilsport 

Extreme weather such as freezing winter or hot summer days can cause problems to the vehicle’s battery. New batteries usually have more resistance to tough weather conditions. If your battery is old with intense cold or heat then it could decline its performance and it can even die.

  1. The problem lies in the Alternator 

The alternator recharges the car battery and powers which has certain electrical systems like radio, lights, air-conditioning and others. With a faulty alternator, there can be major problems in the car such as dim lights, malfunction of accessories, whining noises, trouble to start, the smell of rubber burning or battery warning in the dashboard. Due to that bad alternator will affect your battery and it will die soon if it’s old and weak for that it best to change the car battery.

In Conclusion

Without a proper car battery, the automotive parts in the car won’t get sufficient electrical power to run. To make your car battery work more efficiently and without any hitch, one should pay attention to the reasons for the power-draining or doing battery maintenance so that you won’t need to do car battery replacement services for some period. Due to weak car battery, there is trouble in starting the car then it is better to do jump-start services. Even with the jump-start your car is not starting then replacing a car battery is the only option that is left for you.

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