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Set up workers for hire and track them for 1099s in QuickBooks

by thomaslane

Figure out how to add workers for hire and track installments you make to them.

In QuickBooks, you can set up your project workers as merchants. QuickBooks tracks generally their connected installments so when you really want to document their 1099s, you as of now have all their data. This is the way to set up workers for hire for every item.

Comprehend who needs a 1099

Before you start, we suggest having your project workers finish up a W-9. This gets information you really want to make the set up faster. You can download W-9 structures straightforwardly from the IRS.

  • Set up workers for hire
  • Pick your finance administration to set up your 1099 workers for hire.
  • E-document and e-pay government structures and expenses in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced
  • Figure out how to e-document your government tax documents and e-pay your bureaucratic duties electronically.

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Making good on your government duties and recording the vital finance structures on schedule over time is a fundamental assignment. In QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced, you can pay and record your 941/944, 940 duties, and structures electronically. This is the quickest and least demanding method for ensuring you stay agreeable with the IRS.

Do you utilize one more QuickBooks Desktop Payroll item or need data on state duties and structures?

  • Assuming you’re utilizing QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic/Standard, see Pay and record your finance duties and structures physically in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.
  • On the off chance that you’re utilizing QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted, we pay and document your assessments and structures for you.
  • Assuming that you want to e-document and e-pay for your state charges, see E-record and e-pay state structures and assessments in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced

Stage 1: Set up government e-document and e-pay

You want to ensure that you’ve set up for Federal e-record and e-pay in QuickBooks Desktop.

Stage 2: E-settle your government charges

To guarantee your government installments are made on schedule, note the accompanying:

  • Assuming your government charge obligation is more than $100,000 in a risk period, you should make the installment through the IRS EFTPS site the following financial day. See Pay your government charge risk when it’s more than $100,000
  • E-installments should be sent before 5:00 PM PT two financial days preceding the due date. On the off chance that it’s later this time, you’ll need to make the installment through the IRS EFTPS site. See Dates influencing e-installment accommodation and handling.

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To e-pay in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Go to Employees, then, at that point, select Payroll Center.
  • Select the Pay Liabilities tab.
  • In the Pay Taxes and Other Liabilities area, select the obligation to pay, and choose the View/Pay button.
  • Survey the obligation subtleties for precision.
  • Select E-Pay.
  • In the E-Pay Login window, enter your 4-digit EFTPS PIN and other login data.

Note: If you have as of late changed the financial balance for your e-installment, utilize your new PIN.

  • Select Submit.
  • You can print the affirmation notice that shows up, demonstrating that Intuit has accepted your solicitation and will present your e-installment to the right organization.
  • Select Close.

Stage 3: E-record your government structures

  • Go to Employees, select Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s, then, at that point, select Process Payroll Forms.
  • Select the government structure you want to record from the rundown.
  • Select Create Form. Pick the structure documenting period, then, at that point, select OK.
  • Survey each piece of the structure. You can choose Check for mistakes, then, at that point, make vital amendments.
  • Select Submit Form. Then, at that point, select E-record.
  • Enter your 10-digit IRS Efile stick and adhere to onscreen guidelines to keep recording the structure.

You’ll receive an email affirmation inside 24-48 hours. To check the status, see Check e-document or e-pay status.

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