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Science says that using a toilet stool can improve your poop

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People go to the toilet every day, but you may be using it the wrong way. While this may sound like a silly statement, about one in six people worldwide experience chronic constipation. With embarrassing doctor visits and possible medical treatments, as well as unwanted side effects, many people are trying different ways to fix the way they go to the bathroom. New research confirms that the potential benefit of installing a small footstool at the base of a toilet seat is that this squatting stool can improve the way your poop moves through your bowels while you are toileting.

The toilet stool is designed with the idea that it lifts one’s legs, providing more of the “squatting” position that humans used to go to the toilet in before we invented the toilet. Normally there is an angle between the anal canal and the rectum, and when we want to defecate the muscles around the rectum relax which straightens the angle between the anus and the rectum allowing us to defecate. Squatting devices are a simple measure that can facilitate this to happen more effectively.

The toilet stool is an inexpensive, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical method of prevention and remedy for common defecation-related problems. Of course, a diet of 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day, drinking six to eight glasses of water, and exercising regularly can help with bowel regularity.

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