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Sales Force Automation: Offering Mobility to Food and Beverage Companies

by Jonty Lims

We can see the rising trend of purchasing food and beverage by the people due to increasing disposable income. It can be found due to increased profitability of food and beverage companies many new players have come into the market with the best sales and marketing strategies.

In this industry if you are not swift in decision making you may lose you market share due to increasing competition.

Further, as we know food and beverage companies use perishable inventory for making finished products; therefore, it is also very essential to make the delivery of items timely to the market. It can be seen people these days are very particular about the expiry dates printed of food and beverage items. Thus, if your delivery is not on time you may lose you brand loyal customers as well as potential customers.

In the context of the food and beverage industry Mobile Sales Force Automation devices playing a great role in organizing and managing wholesales activities from the time of dispatch of goods till they reach the end users. The sales force automation app is compatible with android phones and tablets, which can easily be carried to different places by the sales personals. The app is controlled by GPRS and forms a cloud, which tracks and reports all the sales activities on real time basis.

The management of any food and beverage company can get information about dispatches, supply, delivery, and order of their different products instantly. The GPS tracking software for android keeps owners or management of food and beverage companies informed about all kind of activities their sales employees performing in different geographical boundaries.

What makes the Sales Force Automation app for android best by sales personals?

It can be often found the sales personals of food and beverage companies need to carry samples of their products to represent them to retails or distributors. Without providing appropriate products’ features and advantages it is really difficult for sales personals to bring awareness about the products they are selling. Suppose if a sales person is selling a health drink in the market then he or she must need to know about the composition of a health drink like how much protein, minerals, vitamins, and other things it is containing.

In addition it is also essential to bring into notice the core competency of the product like the help drink can improve memory of children, increases growth rate, and other types of things related to the product. FMCG sales software Sales Force Automation app helps in offering such kind of presentation in front of customers via the screen of android phones or tablets. All these things put an impression on retailers and at times on end user of the product in the market.

The FMCG sales app also helps in eliminating the use of pen and paper. By using software the sales personals can ease their load of carry files, pen, and papers. Even the app serves as a compact catalogue for sales personals by which they can show the different food and beverage products they are selling. Every order can record or deleted via touch screen provided on android phones or tablets. Further, employees can easily evaluate their daily performances and can match with the targets they need to accomplish. Therefore, if there is any gap between comes in between performance and target can be bridged easily.

If a sales person is working in a new area then also the app can do best for that employee. As we can see food and beverage products are in demand everywhere even in remote areas. In such cases the sales person can easily use the FMCG sales automation app for determining the boundaries of his or her market. Further, the software also shows the stores to whom sales personals need to approach for making calls. Therefore, it eases the monotonous task of sales personals infield as well as out of the market area.

How sales force automation app can be used as the best management tool?

As we know SFA app works on real time basis and tracks all the field activities of sales personals. Thus, the management of food and beverage companies can easily keep track of the market activities. Suppose, the chocolate manufacturing company is supplying their product to any market and some contingencies occur in the way the management can get immediate information regarding that and decided to fix the issues can be instantly taken. This will help in preserving the quality of the product as well as facilitate timely delivery of the product lot to the respective market.

The GPRS tracking app shows the order made by different retailers and distributors in varied geographical boundaries. In case any order is cancelled it will also show the same. Therefore, at any point in time no person involved in sales activities cannot misrepresent or manipulate sales entries or any other vital data.

Traditionally, the management of food and beverage companies had to wait for months for getting sales data and had to arrange frequent meetings for any decision making to bring changes in product quality or sales strategy. However, after the introduction of SFA App all types of information can track without waiting longer.

This facilitates in retaliating instantly to meet daily changes faced by product or employees involved in sales. The best part of SFA is that it helps management in keeping a record of everything including the details of sales personals, distributors, retailers, and other people involved in sales according to the area and market coverage, which may be used at the time of needs.

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