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Sail In OpenSea Clone’s Business Benefits

by jim halpert
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According to Forbes, a report released by the global research firm VRM (Verified Market Research) established that the global NFT market value is expected to reach 231 billion U.S. dollars by 2030. The current market value of the NFT market is around 19 billion U.S dollars. The expected NFT market growth by the reputed research firm is nearly more than 12 times the NFT market value at the present date. This expected NFT market growth makes the current time the best time to begin your OpenSea clone NFT marketplace platform. 

All the development which currently takes place in the Web3 space supports the NFT marketplace growth directly or indirectly. In addition, there are plenty of NFT use cases under research that can benefit billions of people in the near future.  All these benefits can be enjoyed by NFT marketplace owners and NFT creators. 

Why Choose OpenSea Clone

OpenSea is a leading NFT marketplace platform that most NFT marketplace owners look up to and want to create one like OpenSea marketplace. In that case, the OpenSea clone can be a perfect solution for your NFT marketplace development. 

Not only NFT marketplace owners, but even NFT creators are also attracted to the features, functionalities, and security that OpenSea provides. Developing an OpenSea clone NFT marketplace can help your business venture to have an NFT marketplace that is loaded with features and functionalities. This attracts the NFT creators, which your NFT business venture requires. 

Business Perks Of Owning OpenSea Clone Marketplace

There are numerous benefits to developing an NFT marketplace like OpenSea apart from the revenue-generating benefits, and there are core benefits that benefit your NFT business during the development process. 

Development Time

Developing an NFT marketplace platform with marketplace standards like OpenSea can take years to develop but acquiring an OpenSea clone NFT marketplace development takes very less time to be developed comparatively. 

The Development time saved by your NFT business venture opting OpenSea clone can be effectively used to develop an NFT creator community around your marketplace. 

High-Level Security

Security is one of the important features of an NFT marketplace. A budding NFT marketplace platform can be prone to cyber attacks as millions of valuable cryptocurrency transactions can take place in the marketplace. 

Choosing the OpenSea clone NFT marketplace platform is one of the best ways to have an NFT marketplace with quality security as OpenSea and a marketplace platform that is free from security flaws. 

High Return On Investment

Developing an NFT marketplace with industry-leading standards like the OpenSea marketplace requires a lot of effort and money to be put in. But the option to develop an OpenSea clone NFT marketplace reduces the time and money which needs to be put in. 

In addition, it reduced costs during the development process. It is also evidently proven that owning a marketplace can help your NFT business venture to leverage the future expansion of the NFT market. 

Referral Rewards

The referral reward feature, which is available on your OpenSea clone platform, enables your NFT marketplace to gain buyer traction and increase the number of sales in your OpenSea clone NFT marketplace. 

This feature rewards the user who invites with 1% of the sale value when the invited users successfully complete their first NFT purchase on your NFT marketplace. 

Customization Feature

Developing an OpenSea clone NFT marketplace platform also allows your NFT business to have your own customizations on features and functionalities. Having tailor-made customizations on features and functions can help your marketplace stand out from other OpenSea clone NFT marketplaces. 

Features That Come In With OpenSea Clone

The OpenSea clone comes packed with rich features and functionalities that help your NFT business venture attract the NFT creator’s traction. 


Storefront is an exceptional feature to be included in your OpenSea NFT marketplace development process. The storefront feature enlightens NFT buyers with NFT metadata like the number of items, floor price, best offer, ownership history, and much more. 


The ranking feature is a must-have feature in your OpenSea clone platform as it is an essential feature that helps your new NFT marketplace users to find the best NFT project in the marketplace. It also allows the marketplace user to filter rankings by floor price, chain, and much more. 

Verification Mark

The verification mark is another essential feature to be included in your OpenSea NFT marketplace development process. Popular NFT creators who use your NFT marketplace platform can obtain verification from your company. This can help the marketplace NFT buyers to ensure that they are purchasing NFTs from legit owners. 

This feature helps to avoid misunderstanding among the NFT buyers and further ensures to reduce the fraudulent activities in your NFT marketplace. 

Seaport Protocol 

Seaport protocol is a dedicated feature that is available on the Opensea marketplace, which can be incorporated into your OpenSea NFT marketplace platform. The Seaport protocol follows a dedicated process to ensure that the transactions in the marketplace take place with full accuracy. 

Seaport protocol also enables the users to save around 30% of the gas fees on ETH and WETH transactions which are paid to the blockchain network. This can be an attractive feature to be included in your OpenSea clone marketplace, helping to gain huge traction for your marketplace. 

OpenSea API Features

API features are very useful for developers to enhance the OpenSea clone platform with NFTs and marketplace data. The below-mentioned API features can be helpful for the users to gather metadata about the NFTs. 

Asset Model API

The asset API helps the marketplace to manage all the essential information regarding the NFT project. The asset API manages fields like file name, token ID, traits of the NFT, last sale, collection details, and ownership details. 

Event Model API

The event model API enables the marketplace to store all the changes in the ownership details of the particular NFT asset in the OpenSea clone marketplace platform. The event model API stores NFT metadata like ownership details, bidding details, cancelling status, sales, and much more. 

Account Model API

The account model API represents the wallet address and username of the NFT marketplace users who have registered in the Marketplace. It is also useful for the OpenSea clone marketplace user to search for a particular NFT creator through their unique wallet address in the marketplace search bar. 

Collection Model API

The collection model API uses a very useful feature, which is used to represent all the NFTs in a single collection that is particular to an NFT creator. This API enables not only enables the marketplace users to find all the NFTs particular to an NFT creator, but it also enables the users to search NFTs which are associated with any particular category, for instance, art, collectible, music, or video.

Summing It Up

Considering that the NFT market value is expected to reach the mark of 231 billion U.S dollars in another eight years. It is the best time for your NFT business venture to develop an OpenSea clone platform. Developing a marketplace with features of the leading marketplace like OpenSea can easily fetch your marketplace the NFT creators’ and buyers’ traction. 

Developing your OpenSea clone NFT marketplace platform now and getting into the NFT market as soon as possible will help your NFT business venture to enjoy the NFT market benefits

A pioneering NFT marketplace development company can help your NFT business venture to develop an OpenSea clone marketplace with all the above-mentioned NFT development services, OpenSea clone features, and functionalities. 


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