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SaaS Feedback- Everything You Need to Know About Collecting & Using It

by jennywoodpecker
SaaS Feedback

Collecting SaaS feedback is essential for erecting a sticky product.

The worldwide spending on SaaS products is prognosticated to reach$ 145 billion USD by 2022. Indeed a small piece of that pie can mean great business for you.

We’ve one profitable, bootstrapped SaaS the business formerly ( Watchman) and are 

presently erecting our alternate SaaS company (Frill).

We consider ourselves obsessed with collecting client feedback. But we want it to be easy for our product platoon and for our guests.

In this post, learn the different types of feedback and how to organize all of it in one 

a place that helps you engage your users.

Types of SaaS feedback 86 of companies anticipate at least 80 percent of their software needs to be met by SaaS after 2022. 

Further companies are buying further SaaS products than ever ahead.

To capture further of the request and keep your guests happy, you need to hear to feedback.

These are the main types of feedback that SaaS companies get from their target 

guests and factual users.

Pre-prototyping feedback

Description of this type of SaaS feedback- Before erecting a SaaS product, you need 

to understand what users are looking for. It’s smart to talk with target guests before you even prototype your product.

How to collect this feedback-There are numerous different ways to collect this kind of feedback. You can pay a request exploration a company like Sentiment or SurveyMonkey. You can cold call and cold dispatch target users and ask for a quick interview. Or you can ask musketeers and associates to introduce you to the right connections to solicit.

Low dedication prototype feedback

Description of this type of SaaS feedback-After creating a low dedication prototype 

(similar as a PDF train or a delineation on a whiteboard), you need to get feedback on the dashboard and features.

How to collect this feedback-For this type of feedback, you shouldn’t use a request 

exploration company but should reach out directly to target users. You can do this on social media, with cold outbound dispatch, or by requesting prolusions from people you know. Your low dedication prototype most probably won’t be tone explicatory, 

so ask each contact to hop on a 10- nanosecond call to get their feedback. What you’re looking for is data on what users want you to make and what are the most critical features for your MVP.

High dedication prototype feedback

Description of this type of SaaS feedback- You can produce a realistic prototype using 

Adobe XD, Invision, or Miro. Also, you’ll want to collect feedback on the high dedication prototype before turning that prototype into the backlog needed to make your MVP.

How to collect this feedback-Analogous to the points over on low dedication prototypes, you need to make direct connections with target users. This type of prototype should be a bit more explicatory, so you could collect feedback via dispatch or check, but quick screen-sharing phone calls or in-person stoner testing will be more ideal.

Beta stoner feedback

Description of this type of SaaS feedback -After you’ve created an MVP grounded on your validated prototype, the coming step is getting beta users. You’ll want to find out what they suppose of your product, what features they want to see, and how well it addresses their problems.

How to collect this feedback-If you’re giving away free continuance access to your beta users, they should repay by giving your suggestions and helping with QA. You could make a private Slack channel or Facebook group for your beta users, or set up a client feedback gate with Frill so everyone can add ideas at any time.


New product or point launch feedback Description of this type of SaaS feedback-When you launch any new product or point, you need to discover what users suppose about the overall stoner experience, the efficacy of the functionality, and whether or not it met their prospects and pretensions.

How to collect this feedback-When you launch a commodity new,  take them 

an occasion to point users in the direction of your feedback gate. This way they learn where to submit feedback now and in the future. You could 

promote your feedback gate on your website with an advertisement bar and in your dispatch newsletter.

Subscribe up to Frill Ready to automate your client feedback? Or maybe produce a public Roadmap? Get started with Frill’s free plan.

Being point feedback

Description of this type of SaaS feedback-This could be suggestions, bug discoveries, functionality advancements, design ideas, etc.

How to collect this feedback-Feedback will frequently come from all angles. It can come 

from your client community, client support 

exchanges replies to your marketing emails, and other channels. It’s smart to train guests were to give you feedback and to be visionary about how you collect it. A feedback gate or contrivance where users can submit ideas at any time 

is your stylish bet.

Wanted point feedback

Description of this type of SaaS feedback-These are suggestions for new 

features that your users want you to add to your product, or features that need 

UX or functionality advancements.

How to collect this feedback-Your life will be a whole lot easier if you start training 

Users were to leave this kind of feedback. Produce a devoted platform for collecting point ideas and linking from multiple sources (your website, inside of your app, onboarding emails, etc.)

frill- point- requests

Deals process feedback Description of this type of SaaS feedback-Your deals 

the process will largely depend on the periodic cost of your software. Software below$ 500 per time is generally vented without demonstrations, but software over around$ 1000 per time can be vented with direct credit card payments and demonstrations. But these norms don’t mean there’s no room for enhancement. You can get data on every part of your channel and deals cycle.

How to collect this feedback- Ask users for feedback on your website. For illustration, you could have a feedback contrivance for people who have been on your pricing  runner for longer than 60 seconds. The the converse pop-up could ask if they’ve any 

questions on the pricing. For inside deals, your account directors could regularly ask for feedback from leads and closed accounts during the end of the deals cycle.

How to organize SaaS feedback While there are numerous different types of SaaS feedback, the most important type for any product-led platoon is feedback on your 

current features and UX.

It’s smart to have one central place to collect all of this feedback. Then what Frill’s own Frill board looks likeFrill Roadmap We’ve four different markers that organize the 

stoner’s feedback.

Under consideration Verified In development Packed With Frill, you can produce as 

numerous columns as you want, and manually assign the right marker after a 

stoner has submitted an idea.

There are a lot of benefits to having a devoted feedback board Consolidate 

feedback in one place. Gradationally train users where to leave feedback. Capability to engage and communicate with users for further environment.

The stoner engagement piece is essential, as this can foster indeed more fidelity to your product.

How to engage users and get feedback 24/7 People are busy especially B2B software users. It’s important to understand that getting feedback from your users is like getting a free gift. Sure, it could profit them if you make it, but it’s a favor that they’re giving you.

It’s so important to be encouraging and thank you. Then are some stylish practices 

when it comes to requesting and encouraging SaaS feedback. Close the feedback circle Don’t make it delicate for users to leave feedback. A tight feedback circle is simple and easy.

Then how to Use one consolidated gate for SaaS feedback? Make sure that the gate has simple UX. Don’t ask too numerous questions or attempt to collect a lot of data points. Leave the suggestion collection open-concluded.

Frill> Add Idea Communicate with users whether or not you’ll use their suggestions.

You should respond to every stoner whether or not you plan to apply their feedback. Whatever feedback collection tool you use should make it easy to communicate back 

and forth with your users.

Still, they can offer feedback with the same login they use for your SaaS platform, If 

you’ve enforced SSO. Frill> Comment Other users should also be suitable to 

hopin on the discussion to offer their take.

Price users who regularly give formative feedback. Everyone knows what a power 

stoner is. But what about a power critic?

Still, you should thank them for their time, If you’ve got users who are always offering

suggestions. While you might not be willing to give your software subscription down for 

free, you can find other ways to show your appreciation. You could shoot them an Amazon gift card, offer some loot, or if it makes sense, an in-depth client success

or strategy session.

Set up an adverts runner to showcase your listening and invention. Users want to 

calculate on software that’s going to get better with time, not worse. (Those are the only two options, really.)

Showcase your business as one that cares about users and wants to continually 

introduce. You can do this by showing your adverts in your feedback portal and on your website.

Produce a new advertisement for any update — big or small — that you want users 

to know about. Frill Announcements while there are numerous types of SaaS 

feedback, none are so critical as the feedback you collect about your product. After all, without this client feedback, you wouldn’t be suitable to make a commodity that people want to pay for and you could lose out to challengers who are more in touch with the end stoner experience.

The frill is client feedback, roadmap, and advertisement tool for SaaS. Check out our free and affordable.

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