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Ruby on Rails Development Services for the eCommerce Industry

by Shardul Bhatt
Ruby on Rails Development Services for the eCommerce Industry

The multiplication of e-commerce websites is nothing short of a miracle. Big or small, every retailer understands the consumer’s need to make a purchase without the minimum efforts involved. Convenience has led the e-commerce industry to venture into markets where shopping was only a necessity. In fact, Nasdaq estimates that by 2040, 95% of all the purchases will be attributed to the e-commerce industry. With online shopping seeing immense growth, Ruby on Rails framework development is also witnessing an expansion. Ruby on Rails development is the preferred choice of developers when it comes to bringing an online store into action. 

This is because Ruby on Rails development offers coding flexibility & a humongous library of interactive extensions that make the e-commerce website equipped with features of the future. Builtwith reports that there are 1,041,321 websites using ruby on rails out of which a significant portion, close to 30%, is for online shopping portals. Therefore, companies can hire Ruby on Rails developers and easily build their ecommerce portals.

Empowering the eCommerce Market with Ruby on Rails development

Renowned names like Amazon & Groupon have opted for Ruby on Rails ecommerce platforms as their preferred web development solution. It offers high personalization power making the website extremely user- friendly & speeding up the response time. A research suggests that user’s feel disappointed if a website takes more than 15 seconds to respond and developing with Ruby on rails eliminates that problem. Several big names in the industry have chosen Ruby on Rails development services as their first & foremost choice for e-commerce development. The significance of ruby can be estimated by the fact that Twitter, the second largest social network, optimised ruby on rails in its initial development framework.

  • Airbnb: One of the hottest names in e-commerce, servicing the hospitality market, is Airbnb. The framework utilises ruby development to serve over 200 million people worldwide with a presence in more than 190+ countries. The excellent capability of ruby on rails to accommodate such a large amount of traffic is one of the major reasons that it leads the charts of the eCommerce industry.
  • Fiverr : Another big player is Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelancers & companies. More than 1 million users have successfully handled projects on Fiverr. The interactive capabilities of ruby on rails allows for successfully making a marketplace where users can interact and exchange services while transacting with online payment platforms. Ruby development makes this integration effective & worthwhile.
  • Shopify : When it comes to building a store, Shopify is the go-to portal. But only a few e-commerce players know that the platform that builds their website was actually developed using ruby on rails. Shopify offers the customers highly personalised e-commerce solutions with advanced features. This e-commerce platform built on ruby has generated more than $122 million in funding since its inception.

Apart from these 3 big players, Ruby on Rails full-cycle custom software development services have also powered Groupon, Etsy, Urban Ladder, Fab and countless other e-commerce giants. These applications are developed to serve millions of customers which can only be handled on the web-scale framework built using Ruby on Rails development. Ruby is the most prominent programming language of the decade when it comes to eCommerce development. 

Due to its capability to achieve better efficiency, higher performance & customer friendly design at a lower-cost, considering hiring a eCommerce web development company for ruby on rails as the first choice for online retailers is not a surprise. Ruby developers are in high demand because some have considered it the language that will change the future of the online market.

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