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Reasons That You Will Fall In Love With Microsoft Teams

by alina wilson
Microsoft teams analytics and reporting

For those who do not know anything about  Microsoft Teams, it is a cloud-based platform that creates one singular hub combining meetings, notes and even that of files with various Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications in real-time. It was primarily designed to create a place that people, conversation, and even that of content were bought together so that they have proper access to the relevant tools required to collaborate with ease. 

Moreover, Microsoft teams analytics and reporting can be another level of addition for your working. You know what, in this pandemic time, the growth of usage of these tools have surged like anything. Following are a few of the many things that will make you fall in love with this.

Integration with Office 365

Microsoft Teams is constructed on top of Office 365, making integration with all sort of Office 365 applications seamless. For example, employees can edit Word documents in Terms without even having to download, edit and even upload it again. When you are in Teams, you don’t really require to leave it to take advantage of the complete Office 365 functionality. Also , many 3rd party applications are there that can be accessed when in Teams, meaning your business can easily continue running smoothly with everything in a single place.

Collaboration is Easy 

Though you would hope any collaboration tool makes team-work convenient , this is not always the instance. In the past, many applications have lacked in terms of integration with other applications and miss features that are mostly by other tools. Microsoft Teams overcomes these obstacles by fetching everything into a single place to make collaboration convenient and more organised than it ever has been in the past. 

Well, with Microsoft Teams you can easily collaborate in real-time. For instance, if you require to complete a PowerPoint presentation with a short deadline that asks input from multiple members of a team, real-time editing is going to allow edits happen simultaneously as well as permit the team members to give feedback as they go along. This has turned out to be hugely beneficial for teams that work remotely a lot and hence, saves a lot of time as copies no longer need to be sent back and forth among the staff. 

Similarly , all the conversations and files are going to be stored in the cloud in a chat-based location. As an outcome , there is a clear message thread saved, it means that employees have the capability to dip in and out when needed, in the absence of any sort of worry of confusion upon returning. All chats are public by default with your team. However, you can easily use the private chat option as well. Furthermore, in case you want to get somebody’s attention in a particular chat, you can even use the ‘@’ symbol as you actually do on most of the social media platforms.


To sum up,  you need to be sure that you make the most of the advanced tools like Microsoft team automation for making working easy, effective, efficient, and productive in your company.


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