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React vs Angular : Which Framework to Choose for Your App in 2022

by richard
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In today’s digital dominant milieu, almost every business is planning to develop a chat application to strengthen their communication processes. Are you one of them? Are you planning to build a chat application for your business? Well, one of the toughest dilemmas that you might face is what kind of chat framework to choose. Businesses often find it difficult to select between React and native chat frameworks. But, fret not! We won’t let you face the same confusion. In this article, we are going to discuss whether React or Angular technology is appropriate for your chat app. So, stay with us and read on!

 Angular vs React: What is the Difference? 

 Well, both Angular and React are some of the most recognized frameworks preferred by app developers. They might be different in functionalities but they more or less serve the same objective and that is the development of well-functioning chat applications. Both frameworks enable developers to reuse and maintain code by breaking it into smaller components. We are further going to discuss each of the frameworks one by one to gain a better understanding of them.  

Angular Framework for Chat App 

First, let us dig into the details of Angular technology. The Angular framework was developed by the tech giant Google. It was initially called AngularJS. Angular technology is established as an open-source application framework. Angular offers a scalable infrastructure that supports Google’s largest applications. In this section, we are going to talk about some of the most popular pros and cons of Angular technology.

The Pros and Cons of Angular Technology

  1. Two-way data binding approach :This means that the Angular technology framework allows components in your application to share data efficiently. It means that when developers change the UI input, the model state can be changed too and vice-versa.
  2. Reactive extension for JavaScript : The Angular framework is built using RxJS (Reactive Extension for JavaScript). Now, RxJS is a Javascript library that leverages observables for Reactive programming. It is a highly functional and powerful tool. And the best part is Angular can easily be integrated into the Angular framework. So, if you plan to use Angular chat SDK for chat app development, it can prove to be a wise decision.
  3. CLI : CLI stands for Command Line Interface. It is used to develop and maintain Angular chat applications. With Angular CLI, you can reduce the time required to create chat applications, debug, or conduct tests. It helps automate and accelerate chat app updates.
  4. Angular Universal : Angular Universal is described as a pre-rendering solution for the Angular framework. It tends to facilitate the rendering of Angular chat applications on the server side.
  5. Ivy render : Ivy is recognized as the code name for Angular’s next-generation compilation and rendering pipeline. It tends to improve app performance by compiling one file at a time. The best part is that it loads in slower networks and is super easy to use.
  6. Testing : The best part about using an Angular framework for chat apps is that it allows developers to conduct testing with a single tool.

Cons of using Angular Chat SDK for Chat App

  1. Regular DOM : Angular technology uses real DOM. This means the whole tree structure changes when even a single change is made. That’s not done, right? This can be a bit inconvenient functionality when building a chat app.

We recommend to you to keep in mind all the relevant points mentioned above when planning to build a chat platform using Angular language.

React Framework for Chat App 

React is an open-source JavaScript library leveraged for building user interfaces. It was developed by Facebook. React technology is super easy to learn. Let us now delve into some of the most popular pros and cons of React framework.

The Pros and Cons of React Technology

  1. Virtual DOM : React uses a virtual document object model. It is considered as a lightweight abstraction of the DOM. It is known to be faster when compared to the regular DOM. It can change small data components without changing the entire HTML tree.
  2. Next.js : It is an open-source framework that is designed for server-rendered React applications. With this, applications built using React can be rendered both on the client as well as server-side.
  3. Redux : It is recognized as an open-source JavaScript library. It tends to manage state modifications. React uses redux for developing the user interface. It tends to enhance the functioning of React applications.
  4. JSX : JSX stands for JavaScript XML. It allows app developers to directly write HTML in React. It helps keep the code simpler while developing chat applications.

Cons of using React chat SDK for Chat App

  • One-way data binding : This functionality makes it difficult for developers to make changes in the user interface elements. It is possible only once the corresponding model state has been changed.
  • Testing : The main drawback of using React technology for mobile chat apps is that it utilizes different types of tools for different types of testing. The testing process is slow in React.

Should you build a chat app using React technology or Angular framework – Which is better?

The debate on whether you should use an Angular framework or React technology is never-ending. However, we recommend that you choose Angular technology if your team is friendly with Java and your application is large-scale. On the other hand, you should utilize React in case you plan to build a customized application and the development team is familiar with HTML and JavaScript.

Which framework is the winner?

Well, as discussed above, both Angular and React frameworks have their own pros and cons. We recommend you choose a framework that best suits your business requirements. Both of them are top-notch chat frameworks that are popular among developers and are leveraged the most.


We hope our article helps you identify the difference between Angular and React chat SDK . We recommend you carefully read through all the relevant aspects mentioned above and make an informed business decision. Whichever framework you use, we wish you all the good luck with your app development processes.

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