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Prioritize efficiency in your independent pharmacy with pharmacy software

by Corporateswil
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Running an independent pharmacy is a challenging task. It’s easy to get orders, issue purchase orders, interact with patients/customers, and manage your staff. But it is not always easy to establish communication between these processes.

Better communication between the Pharmacy store ensures higher customer retention and satisfaction, and it gives the business accountability and the ability to handle business in a more fragile way. This is why optimizing efficiency in every aspect of your pharmacy is essential.

If you’re making more efficient use of the technology in your pharmacy or the time of your staff changes, just a few tweaks can have a significant impact on your day-to-day operations.

Here are three suggestions from popular blog articles to assist you in improving efficiency and boosting productivity.

1. Take care of patients demand

Once you start streamlining the operations in your business, the direct benefits are visible to the patients/customers associated with you.

Streamlined operations improve efficiency and ensure that patients no longer have to visit your pharmacy multiple times a month to get different prescriptions. Based on their buying letter, they will get software alerts that tell them when their medicines are running out, and they need to re-order them.

Thus, it gives direct benefit to the customers and increases the store’s efficiency.

The schedule will become more predictable since it is clear when the patients will be arriving to collect their medications.

Med sync can help you make many “appointments” for patients to get their medicines, so you can predict the amount of work you’ll be doing at any given moment and the best way to staff your day.

There’s more time to speak with patients.

You can discuss any concerns related to the effects of medication or health concerns, or other issues when patients visit for their medicine. Instead of patients taking their medication the first day, then having a problem the next day or the next week to discuss the same question, all the actions are handled simultaneously.

Patients are more committed to their medications.

This can improve the financial and clinical results of your pharmacy. It is also easier to monitor patient outcomes. It is less difficult to determine whether your person is on their medications since you receive monthly confirmation that they are taking their medications.

If you switch to the med sync system, you simplify picking up prescriptions and counseling. You also make the whole process easier for your clients.

2. Use your staff wisely.

It is not enough to just work on the communication between the processes, and it also depends on how specific pharmacy services can be made more efficient. It is beneficial to run an independent business successfully.

Thus, it is essential to think of ways to make the most of your employees’ time. It would help to ensure that all of your employees had the same tasks and roles. Plus, your pharmacy staff makes their responsibilities the most efficient use of their time.

Automation is required, which can only be achieved with an efficient pharmacy management system. It offers three strategies for your employees to use to improve efficiency:

  • Establish a standard for work procedures for all employees. Every employee should have a specific role and responsibilities and follow your guidelines daily. This will help reduce time and energy.

  • Increase your productivity by employing your staff incorrectly. There are lots of things pharmacists are responsible for that technicians could do instead. Filling prescriptions is an excellent example. Your technicians are expected to do that.

  • Check to see if your staff is using your PMS’s full capabilities. The PMS may have many features that you aren’t using. For instance, are you using it to automate your daily tasks? If so, your employees can concentrate on more important things, such as spending time one-on-one with patients.

When everyone is clear on their roles, everyday operations go much more efficiently. Furthermore, when you automate or delegate tedious tasks, your pharmacists will spend more time with patients.

3. Automate claims management functions

Anything that requires a pharmacist’s time or disrupts their workflow routine can result in a less efficient process and customer dissatisfaction.

There are many stops and starts throughout the day, which delay procedures affecting patients and your pharmacy’s bottom line. One task that is becoming more labor-intensive to handle manually is claims management.

But in this competitive world, claims management is becoming increasingly complex. Thus, you can use technology to streamline the claims management process to ensure increased efficiency and speed. Some of the tasks you can automate in claims management are:


You can utilize your technology platform to compare the retail price (AWP) you have received from the pharmacy you use for your specific drug against the most current AWP for the identical drug. If the AWP submitted by the pharmacy is lower, the software will increase the AWP until it is at the appropriate level to boost the amount of reimbursement.


There is also technology to confirm dispense as written (DAW) codes that tell healthcare providers that the doctor or patient wanted a specific name-brand drug. When you enter the DAW code is used as a default code, and your pharmacy is paying a lower generic drug cost for dispensing the brand-name drug.

Management of inventory

It is easy to verify your national code (NDC) assigned to the drugs to which claims were filed. Manufacturers of drugs recycle NDCs, which means that a code may become outdated in the case of a drug that is no longer available and be assigned to a new drug. Thanks to technology, your pharmacy can be informed quickly of an outdated NDC and has the chance to alter the NDC and possibly increase the amount of reimbursement. A Pharmacy billing software plays an important role and automating the processes from order to final delivery.

Packaging and dosing

Automatically examine a prescription claim for a specific medication and its dosage and unit packaging against the maximum daily dosage (MADD) and the suggested packaging. Demands for prescription drugs with the correct MADD and in the correct unit packaging will be promptly refunded.

Prior authorization

It is possible to automate the key aspects of prior authorization to ensure that patients don’t have to wait for a long time for approval for their prescription. This reduces the time spent on treatment and increases customer satisfaction.

Automating these tasks using technology increase the speed and precision of your processes for managing claims. By doing this, you can maximize your revenue, increase cash flow and efficiency.


If you make a few tweaks in your pharmacy that you are independent, You can improve efficiency. The daily activities will be more efficient. Your staff will be able to spend time with patients. Patients enjoy the benefits of better workflows and personal attention.

For this, you have to integrate with Software for Pharma Industry and take advantage of order processing, purchase, bill generation, accounting, GST filling and more.

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