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ipad pro 12.9 case

We have an iPad Pro 12.9 case that is very popular with our customers and with reasons that are well-founded. This case has many impressive features that are more than an accessory to protect your device. Of course, the case should be able to effectively protect your device. However, often, you require more than just protection.

With all the iPad cases available out there it’s difficult to determine which is worth the price. The most reliable way to determine the quality of the product is to rely upon the opinions of those who have tested the product for themselves. We can therefore be confident that Zugu’s 5th Generation iPad Pro 12.9 case (with an accessory for pencil holders!) offers great value.

Are you interested in learning something more about this iPad case, and finding out what makes it (and other cases similar to it, similar to that iPad Pro 11 Case) so popular with fans? Continue reading to Learn More!

IPad Pro 12.9 Case With Magnetic Protective Cover

The case’s cover is designed to serve several features. Its primary purpose is to protect the screen, that’s why it creates an enclosure that protects the screen from cracks and scratches. Its thickness screen isn’t a burden to the case, but it is robust enough to resist the damage.

Another purpose of the case is its ability to trigger the sleep/wake feature that built into the device. This feature is only activate with specially-designed covers that have magnets that are strong, such as the case cover. The cover’s closure will put the device in a low-power mode. It also dims the display on the gadget. If the cover is open, the device returns to its normal mode. This means that in addition to protecting you from scratches, cracks. And accidental scratches it also extends the battery’s life by easy closing of the cover.

A Magnetic Stand That Can Be Adjusted (with 10 angles)

The stand with an adjustable design that comes with the case is extremely adaptable and offers 10 different angles. You can adjust your device from a 90-degree angle to less than 45-degrees and between. Stand legs come equipped with bumpers of a smaller size that aid in securing them to the corresponding indents. Additionally, they’re magnetize to give a stronger, more secure grip.

Major Drop Protection IPad Pro 12.9 Case

The case’s shell made of polycarbonate as well as thermoplastic polyurethane which are among the most durable plastics that are available. These are the materials used to create items such as bullet-proof glass and protective devices (like helmets made of hard plastic). The toughness of the shell will mean that you can rest assured that the case you purchase will last to come.

The drop protection of this case is of military quality this means it has tested several times from an altitude of at least five feet. The bumpers along the edges of the box absorb shocks and ensure that even the biggest impact doesn’t damage the device.

Secure Magnetic Mount Capabilities IPad Pro 12.9 Case

The powerful magnets in the back of the case enable the device to affixed on any metal flat surface. The magnets’ strength allows the device to remain in place without gravity forcing it to slide or slip. Also, removing the device is simple simply pull it away from yourself, and then the magnetic elements will let go of their grip on the steel.

This feature is ideal for usage in places like the kitchen or classroom or dorm rooms in which you will see metal surfaces such as cabinetry or refrigerators.

Airflow Vents Will Ensure That Your Tablet Stays Cool

Overheating is an important issue in any kind of technology. The issue of overheating becomes more of a problem when the device enclosed and the heat generated can trapped within the case. In this case, it can cause the temperature of the device to increase. And can cause anything from minor malfunctions or even the melting metal inside the device. Based on the severity of the damage, you could need to have the device repaired or even replaced completely.

To prevent overheating, our case has equipped with airflow vents to let heat escape before it builds up. These vents ensure you are able to utilize your device for hours without worrying about damage to your device due to overheating it.

Soft Microfiber Interior

The inside of the case lined with soft microfiber which helps in protecting the body of the device. If your device gets drop the soft interior can help to absorb the impact and work with the case’s bumpers as well as the professional design of the durable shell. Because the inside material is top-quality, the material does not cause micro-scratches on parts of your phone’s exterior. Even after decades of constant usage. You’ll be certain that the outside inside your device will be flawlessly free of blemishes.

Apple Pencil Holder With Wireless Charging Capability

Having storage space for your Apple Pencil is essential. We’ve made sure that each iPad case we have comes with a pencil holder. If you choose to use the iPad Pro 12.9 case with an Apple Pencil holder. You assured your pen will remain secure. The elastic material in this case is of top quality and will not degrade and lose its elasticity with time. If you own an older version that is compatible with this Apple Pencil. You can charge your device directly in the holders. Just place your device in charge, and your pencil will charged automatically with it. Read More

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