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Placement tips for the student who graduates during covid19

by shehraz
Placement tips for the student

Placement tips for a student are highly beneficial for students who have graduated during covid19. The pandemic has created a threat to their future. 

Most of the students are terrified of the consequences of this pandemic in the future. They are very much skeptical of what will happen to their career!

But the solution is not in getting anxious but just the opposite. You have to be calm while figuring out the right direction. 

Placements tips for students

The placement was rarely taking place after the pandemic but still, it took some efficient students. But situations are improving as people are slowly trying to cope with the situation. 

If you are getting time then prepare yourself for your growth. Here are a few placement tips for students who graduate during covid19. 

Be hopeful

Although, you might lose hope witnessing several people losing their jobs during these pandemic times. Some of them might be from you as well. 

But you must not lose hope and work towards your goals. If you are competent you will get your results. 

A positive mind can only fetch a positive approach toward the right path. And you have to make sure that you don’t lose hope by any means. 

You have to keep trying to get a job and opportunities find their way to the deserving candidate at the right time. You need to be proud of yourself for fighting during these times when everything around is falling apart. 

Keep learning

Even if you are a graduate you can continue with your master’s or any course that will help in your professional life. This will give you some time to enhance your skills while the effects of a pandemic are slightly subsided. 

Also, learning never goes in vain; it will give birth to new scopes for the days to come. You will face new challenges which will help you while you apply for work again after the completion of the post-graduation or any other courses. 

Grab online opportunities

There are increased job opportunities available on several online platforms. You just need to find yourself a suitable one. Yes! Easier said than done. But there is nothing that cannot be achieved with dedication and consistency. 

You have to open your accounts in several job search applications where you can keep trying to get a job of your choice. Due to the pandemic, most of the offices are conducting online interviews so you don’t need to waste a lot of money going to their offices. 

You will slowly gather experience which will help you to crack a good opportunity that will surprise you. 

Cover maximum Interviews 

When you make yourself available in many portals it makes your reach broader and also keeps you busy with otherwise difficult interviews. Imagine if you have been attending the interviews in person then you could hardly sit for one interview a day. 

But if you sit for an online interview then you can sit for even 4-5 interviews a day if the time doesn’t crash. Although the salary can be low since you are working from home it can be managed for you.

Prepare yourself

While you appear for the interviews you have to keep updating yourself. You cannot take the interviews lightly. 

The candidate must have a regular revision of the concerned topics of the job. It seems very unprofessional to skip the necessary information for the job. 

Don’t judge the stature of a job when you are starting. At the beginning of your career, you shouldn’t be very picky about any job opportunity. 

If you think that work is not meant for you then work hard to improve yourself so that you can get a better opportunity. 

During the pandemic, the work structure is changing its course. The mode of working is getting altered worldwide. So, you must get yourself adapted to the relevant changes for you. 

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When you upgrade your degree or any course it highlights your CV among the recruiters. So, it is better if you think of upgrading your resume after you achieve a certain height in your career. 

You can even add some online presence so that recruiters can get an example of your work. The more you upgrade with the time you will be accepted with open arms. 

Do your groundwork

Do the necessary research and attempt the examination that is followed afterward. You must shortlist the companies that are there on your preferred list. Even if you cannot crack them on the first go you can keep trying even if you work for others. 

The groundwork is very important to start with a good company otherwise you may feel stuck in a company that is highly not recommended. 

When you have a goal to achieve it becomes even easier to reach till then. It will feel as if you are working each day towards one goal and the rest is to just support that aim. 

Having a fixed aim makes life even more interesting towards the journey of accomplishing that.

Target internships

Internships are the best way to get into a job. When you get a platform it is easier to prove your efficiency and gain experience. You will face several challenges that will help your growth.

When starting with an internship there are chances that the company can hire you as an employee for the position you deserve or you will come with a certificate that will boost your job search. 

Have an aim

If you can see any new technology or any new options are available you must fetch it as fast as possible. When you go for new sectors there is less competition than in others. 

Also, don’t run in the rat race without a direction, be certain of a fixed aim. It is a defensive attitude to do whatever comes your way. 

If you are still figuring out what you want to do then find that out first then go for finding other answers. Once you know what you want to do the rest will be automatically answered. 

Why are placement tips needed?

Due to the covid19 virus, students are growing anxious over the consequences of the same in their future. The placement tips here can help these students get a road map to their life post their graduation. 

They should not be directionless with no particular aim instead, they should take time and see what are the available options to look into. Placement tips are needed to assure the students that they have a bright future if they have patience. 

The student must be stress-free and concentrate on making their future. Overthinking doesn’t cater to any fruitful achievements. 


Placement tips for the student are exceptionally beneficial for keeping their self-trust intact. When you complete your graduation the next thing that comes to mind during the pandemic is unemployment. 

But that is not the case. If you follow these steps you will find a suitable option for you. Deserving students are always hired to prove their efficiency.

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