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PHP Web Development: The Complete Guide to Getting Started

by Jermaine Trotman
PHP Web Development: The Complete Guide to Getting Started

PHP is the OG programming language that has been around for decades. And PHP Development Services are used by more than 90% of websites on the internet. And it has helped businesses generate millions and millions of dollars.

This has attracted businesses from across the world to use PHP for their own website development project. And if you are one of these people but aren’t that sure about choosing PHP.

While there are more than enough reasons to choose PHP, we shall be helping you see whether or not this OG programming language is for you or not.

So, with this being said, we shall be discussing everything you need to know about PHP web development in this blog.

Let’s get right into it:

What is PHP Web Development?

PHP is a leading general-purpose scripting language that has been around since 1996. It was developed by Danish-Canadian programmer RasmusLerdorf. As of now, it is managed and backed by the PHP group.

This programming language is used for web apps and website development. It goes without saying that PHP and its various frameworks like CakePHP Development have become quite popular. Thus, it highly dominates the web development market.

With this, you have a basic idea of what PHP web development is. And with this out of the way, we can move to the next section, which is…

Reasons to Hire PHP Developers

Some of the reasons to hire PHP developers for your website development project are, as mentioned below:

  • Flexible Development

PHP is offers one of the most flexible web app development.  And the flexibility of this programming language makes is quite compatible with different types of projects.

This is what makes PHP and its various frameworks such a good match for your project. Speaking of the framework, it includes code igniter, cake PHP, Laravel, and so on.

When done right, you can get market-leading web solutions that look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Affordable PHP Web Development Services

One of the biggest concerns clients have today is the increased cost of everything. And this can big even more relevant when you are talking about website development.

However, PHP quite easily solves this problem. This OG programming language offers affordable website development services that don’t transcend your budgets and make a hole in your pocket.

Therefore, if you are looking for website development services that are amazing yet economical, PHP website development is for you.

  • It Is Open Sourced Open Source

Have you ever wondered why PHP is preferred by the majority of website developers and development companies? Well, the reason is quite clear; this is open-sourced platform.

This means is free for all to use. In addition to this, it is backed by a large community that helps developers whenever they are stuck on something.

This is yet another reason why people prefer PHP programming language for their website development work.

  • User-Friendly Solutions

Another reason to consider hiring custom web Development Company for PHP development is this: this programming language enables the developers to create user-friendly solutions.

And considering the fact that too complex things only send the potential customer away, which is something that you or any business for that matter doesn’t want. Therefore, if you want to create user-friendly websites, hire PHP developers.

  • SEO-Friendly

SEO is an important part of marketing your website and taking it to your potential customers. However, not every technology provides you with an SEO-compatible website. And luckily, PHP isn’t one of them.

Therefore, if you want to create SEO friendly platform, this is something you consider.

How to Hire PHP Developers?

Now that you have decided to hire web/Mobile App Development Company for a PHP project, it’s time to discuss the various methods you can use to hire them. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Hire Freelancers

The first option is to hire freelancers. This is something that people use across the world for its various benefits and no contracts nature. As such, you can find some pretty good PHP developers.

In addition to this, for smaller projects, this can be a good option. However, we can’t say the same about the longer-term ones. As hiring a team of freelancers and a team leader to manage them can be a bit expensive.

  • Hire Outsource Web Development Company

This is one of the most popular methods to hire web development company. You see, even the companies and businesses from Fortune 500 regularly work with outsourced mobile app and web development companies from across the world.

There are various reasons to do so. For instance, the cost here is considerably more affordable than other options. In addition to this, they have extensive solutions as well as all the required resources.

  • Consult Local PHP Development Firm

If you don’t want to hire a company that is overseas, you can consult a local web development firm.  Now, you can ask your friends for references or place an ad. Anyhow, finding a local development agency won’t be a trouble in a big city.

However, if you aren’t in a metro city, finding the right development partner can be bit of a task. Nevertheless, since most of the big businesses are situated in big cities, you might not have a problem with this.

Cost to Hire PHP Developers

The cost to hire a PHP software development company highly depends on several different factors. The reason behind it is that each project hasits own unique needs and specification. Based on this the cost highly differs. Some factors are, as mentioned below:

  • App platform
  • Tech stack
  • Size of the app
  • Complexity
  • Testing process
  • Feature and design

These are some of the factors you should consider while estimating the cost of hiring PHP developers. Nevertheless, you can contact a development firm for closer estimation.


If you are someone who is looking to hire a PHP web development firm, this blog gave you everything you need to know. Now, all you need to do is consult a market-leading PHP Development Company that can help you with the same. So, start developing your own PHP-based mobile app.

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