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photography technique

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1. How to place the tripod on the slope

If you’re shooting with a tripod on a slope, there’s a way to keep your camera away from sudden danger. If we’re shooting from a rock or a slope on a hill, have one leg of the tripod facing you. This way, the three legs of the tripod can hold the camera firmly against falling.

2. How to avoid underexposure

Photographers are often underexposed when taking pictures, and turn on the flash for fear of overlighting, sacrificing the natural light of the scene. In this case, the best way is to use the camera’s exposure compensation function. As long as the exposure compensation function is pushed up one or two levels, the general dark situation will be improved.

3. How to focus first and then compose a picture

First, aim the focal point in the center of the picture at the face of the person you want to photograph, half press the shutter button to complete the focusing and metering procedures, hold down the shutter button, and move the camera horizontally to recompose.

4. What is the use of aperture priority?

DSLRS tend to have larger apertures, and the camera’s programs in automatic mode tend to use larger apertures to shorten the shutter time and reduce the effects of vibration. However, camera lenses tend to produce the best images when they shrink by about two steps from their maximum aperture, so if you want a high-quality image, you can use aperture-priority auto exposure to lower the aperture from the maximum. In addition, a large aperture allows for a small depth of field, which helps to highlight the subject.

5. How to avoid glare

Direct shooting of the sun will produce glare in the lens, so that the contrast of the picture is seriously maladjusted. At the same time, incident light will be reflected on the surface of the lens to form spot lines. A high quality hood helps limit glare, while using a minimum aperture reduces these flecks.

6. How to make the lighting star effect

To make a light look like a star, the photographer needs to use a small aperture for exposure. The smaller the aperture, the more obvious the effect.

7. How to protect the camera

In order to protect the digital camera and battery, we try not to use the digital SLR camera at too high or too low temperature, do not put your camera directly in the sun for several hours, when shooting to avoid direct sunlight lens to avoid damage CCD board.

If you have to be in the sun, cover your camera with a light-colored towel or reflective material. Try to avoid shooting on rainy and snowy days. If you want to shoot, you should take proper protection to avoid shooting at a low temperature for a long time to prevent the aging of the machine. In cold winter, the machine is easy to dew when entering the room from outside, just like the glasses worn by people.

The correct method is to put the cover in a sealed plastic bag, and then take it out when the machine is consistent with the indoor temperature. Be sure to remove the battery after shooting and save. Store in a dry place to avoid moisture.

Hope the above 7 photography tips can help you, so that you can take more beautiful photos, more photography tips can visit apexel official websites.

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