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Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy and best practices

by vindhyaprocess

Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy and best practices

1. Choose the Right Target Audience

Let’s start with a reality check. Your Facebook ads are only as effective as how well you can define your audience.

But harnessing the power of Facebook’s ad platform comes down to your audience’s demographics. Data points such as age, location, job roles and interests are paramount to making sure you’re reaching the right prospects.

2. Test Different Facebook Ad Types

What separates Facebook from other ad platforms is its variety. The freedom brands have in terms of customization provides seemingly endless possibilities for creative, compelling ads.

Additionally, just about any given goal for your Facebook advertising strategy is fair game.

  • Looking to drive app downloads? Check.
  • Need to show off products and offers? Check.
  • Want to advertise your latest webinar or case study? Check.

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s possible via Facebook advertising. Below are three of the most popular types of Facebook ads for brands:

Carousel Ads

Facebook carousel ads are noted to boast a lower cost-per-conversion and cost-per-click compared to static ads. Interactive and mobile-friendly, creative marketers love to use carousels to show off products and tell stories.

Offers & Homepage Ads

Even with all of Facebook’s functionalities, brands always have the option of keeping their ads simple.

Want to include a discount or promo code? No problem. Traditional Facebook ads such as this one from BottleKeeper can funnel traffic from the social network back to your site. These sorts of ads are great for retargeting, reminding people who’ve visited your site to engage with you again.

Video Ads

Video content marketing is booming, especially on Facebook where users spend triple the time interacting with video as opposed to text or image-based content.

Brands such as SakeTrek have noted exponentially higher downloads and in-app purchases after running ads to promote their free trial via video.

3. Tap Into the Power of Facebook Remarketing

Through remarketing, Facebook allows you to serve ads to a custom audience of people who’ve interacted with your brand before based on a Custom Audience. These interactions might include:

  • People who have previously visited your website
  • People who have made a purchase on your site in the past
  • People on your email list

4. Running Budget-Friendly Facebook Advertising Strategy

Facebook ads are lauded for their impressive CPC and ability for brands to define their own budgets.

But poorly targeted campaigns that are left unchecked can quickly get pricey. Facebook advertising cost varies depending on your industry and size of your audience, as well as the timing and optimization of your ads.

5.Testing Your Ads

Speaking of tests, never dump money into a campaign without running a test ad first. Facebook makes this easy with a built-in split testing system to outline which types of ads have the most potential to perform. In short, you create variations of your ad to pinpoint which one is the best on paper.

But what elements of your Facebook ads should you test, anyway? Some options might include:

  • Ad types
  • Images
  • Ad Copy
  • Calls-to-action
  • Audiences
  • Offers, incentives and lead magnets

Again, there are a lot of variables at play here.

It’s easy to get caught up with analysis paralysis with your Facebook advertising strategy, but that’s exactly what tests are for. If you have other PPC or email marketing campaigns that have performed well, start by using those pieces in your Facebook advertising strategy.

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