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Mobile application development company for On-Demand Doctor Mobile Apps

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The Healthcare sector has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. The pandemic that humanity witnessed recently has caused a boom in the industry and with this boom increased the competition. Though the world is moving ahead from those bad times, did you plan how to sustain your healthcare business now?

Well, an on-demand doctor mobile app can become a great solution for you. By choosing to hire android developer, you can serve customers better than ever before. Today we will discuss how an on-demand doctor mobile app benefits the customers and businesses operating in the industry. We will also discuss the key features that help your on-demand doctor mobile apps succeed.

Some popular On-Demand healthcare apps in the Industry

Doctor on Demand

– It is one of the most popular applications of the healthcare industry with features like messaging, QR Code and payment systems. The app helps the customers to find the most trustworthy medical services in and around their locations. It helps the users to get medical treatment during any hour of the day.

BBH heart

– It is an app based on the iOS platform and is dedicated to doctors who specialize in cardiology. This app supports the latest updates from top medical colleges in the USA to help doctors all around the globe.


– It is yet another android app that helps customers with a variety of medical needs. It provides details about the drugs and medical tools. The users can also get the latest updates and news in the field of medical sciences.

How does an on-demand doctor mobile app help the customers?

Online healthcare is not a new concept. It was here for many years but, on-demand app development using a mobile application development company has changed the playground. If you own healthcare business, such apps can help you achieve significant growth with a whole new approach. Below are a few of the benefits that your customers get by using such apps:-

  • Healthcare apps can facilitate the customers in remote areas.
  • They help to schedule a quick appointment with the relevant doctors.
  • These apps have intelligent diagnostic capabilities for minimal errors.
  • Customers can monitor their health easily using healthcare apps.
  • It helps you to streamline your clinical processes.
  • It helps reduce the medical expenses of customers by avoiding indirect costs like traveling and much more.

Vital App features for which you need Mobile application development company

A successful healthcare app should be able to serve your users with utmost perfection. If you wish to hire android developer for building an on-demand doctor app for your business, make sure to ask for the following features:

Doctor and Patient Profiles

The app should be able to create profiles for the doctors and patients using the app. It will make your app reliable by using profile verification. The form that you are going to use for creating the profiles will be different for both doctors and patients. A skilled mobile application development company knows the fields required to make the onboarding process more credible.

Live Video calling

It is one of the must-have features for which you can hire android developer. Having a live video calling option that facilitates the interaction of the doctors and patients on your app can give you a competitive edge. It will also ease the patients as they are no longer required to visit the clinics and meet the doctor in person.

Inn-app chat and calling

These features can become crucial elements for your doctor’s on-demand application’s success. The customers engage doctors using chatting options. It will reduce the time taken to get updates, prescriptions, queries of customers, and more. Patients can also call the experts using the in-app calling features for communications that can’t be done over messages.

In-built payment option

You should facilitate the users by offering a built-in payment option. A mobile application development company will help you integrate the latest and safe payment gateways. They will also help you to protect the gateway using powerful security layers. It will save the data of your users from getting compromised.

Reviews and Ratings

If you want to build a platform where patients access world-class healthcare services, review and rating features can help you. By integrating this feature you can help users find the most trusted services. Users on your doctor on-demand application can give reviews and ratings to facilitate the other users.

Booking the Appointments

Your app should be able to help users book appointments with doctors. You should include this feature in your to-do list while deciding to hire android developer for your doctor’s on-demand application.


So these were some important features that you should include in your healthcare and doctors’ on-demand applications. Ensure to hire android developer from a reputed mobile application development company. It will help your app with winning features to survive the cut-throat competition of the digital universe.

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