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Method to Merge Multiple PST Files Into Outlook at Once

by Michael Waller

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used and widely used email clients. Microsoft Outlook offers user-oriented features, an easy-to-use interface for relaxed working, and the latest security improvements.

The Outlook Data File (PST) covers all mailbox data and features such as contacts, email, and calendar. Microsoft’s Outlook has improved connectivity with other advanced technologies.

First, an Outlook user creates her PST file (as a personal storage ellipse in his table) to protect against presentation delays and data corruption. Learn techniques for merging PST files here.

In earlier editions of MS Outlook, users usually face issues related to the size of PST files, which can lead to slow performance. However, with the advent of the latest version of Outlook, handling large PST files and merging large PST files has become much easier.

Why do users need to merge their PST files?

Here we discuss situations where PST merging is the best solution.

  • When consolidating old accounts, you may need to consolidate PSTs.
  • PST merging is the best choice when creating backups.
  • If you’re preparing to merge your social, personal, or work account databases, merging is the way to go.
  • Merging can help if you’re looking to switch to an additional package, say Conversation.

There could be various reasons for this. However, it raises the question that it’s likely to fail and not find the mailbox information, which can be harmful in many ways. Here’s how to merge PST files quickly and safely using Honest Finish.

Methods to Merge the PST files

Let us have a look at the methods following which you will be able to merge your Outlook PST files.

  • Manual merging
  • Merging using the Merge PST app

Merge the PST files Manually

For user who wants to merge their PST files manually, they can have a look at this method of merging. Moreover, it is not a reliable method for merging Outlook PST files. Let us have a look at this method of merging:

  • Connect one of the old archives to Outlook:
  • File and then click on the Open & Export option and then select the Open Outlook Data File…
  • Copy the contents of the original archive to the new Copy to “master archive”. You can copy entire folders or folder structures at once.
  • When dragging and dropping, use the right mouse button instead of the left to ensure copying.
  • Switch to list view from the View menu or View tab to easily navigate through calendar items.
  • After copying, disconnect the original archive using the Delete button in the account settings data file.

Go to the File menu and select the Account Settings tab and then click on the Account Settings option and then choose the Data Files tab

File -> Options -> Advanced -> Button: Auto Archive Settings…for archiving AutoArchive.

Merge using the Import feature

  • Step 1- First, scan all PST files using scanpst.exe. This is because errors in the PST file can hang the import process.
  • Step 2- Create a backup of all PST files (and possibly Exchange mailboxes) before starting the import, and create a new backup after each successful import.

This way you don’t have to clean up manually if the import fails. Restore your backup (replace the PST file when you exit Outlook) and try again, or use the manual method above.

Please ensure that ‘Master Archive’ is selected as the destination for the import process. If you forget this, the archive will be imported to your main mailbox instead.

The outlook appears to be “not responding” during the import process when in fact it is still importing. Occasionally look at the master archive pst file in explorer to see if it’s still growing. If so, Outlook is indeed still responding. The import command is located in Outlook at:

File -> Open and Export -> Import/Export

Restrictions followed by the manual method

The manual method is not a reliable method to be followed by any user because of the restrictions that are faced by a user following this method. These include:

  • A user needs to be dependent on another platform for performing the merging
  • If a user skips or forgets a single step they have to perform the whole process again
  • The chances of data loss are more
  • The instant result is not provided
  • Users do face integrity problems

These are some of the restrictions that are faced by a user while following the manual method of merging.

Why should you avoid the manual method?

In the manual method, users cannot merge multiple PST files in a single PST file. Hence if you have 20PSTs to merge, you have to repeat the same process at least 20 times.

  • The manual method offers no guarantee to merge PST files successfully.
  • Manually a single mistake can make your PST file corrupt or inaccessible.
  • There is also no guarantee of maintaining the Folder hierarchy and data integrity.

To avoid the limitation and risk of manual methods, use an automated tool such as Softaken PST Merge Software. Merge PST files through PST Merge software is considered one of the best solutions. It provides three different options to merge the Outlook PST files. It provides three different options to merge the Outlook PST files. For example:

  • Join PST file: With this, you can join all the added PST files into a single PST file. But will create a different folder hierarchy for every PST. In other words, you can access all your PSTs within a single PST, but with a different folder hierarchy for every combined PST.
  • Merge PST file: By checking this option, the software will merge all the Outlook data files (PST) into a single PST file with a single folder hierarchy. Hence, all the data of the same folders of different PSTs will get merged in a single folder

Use the Merge PST app

If you don’t want to opt for manual methods due to the cumbersome process, you can opt for professional third-party rescue software. This specialized software is an all-in-one solution that combines multiple of her PST files into one within 0.5 seconds. In a market where there is no shortage of software tools, this Softaken Merge PST consolidation application is an ideal tool that can properly serve your PST file consolidation needs. As per the choice of the users can merge their Outlook PST files conveniently. Users can conveniently go through the process of merging while using this advanced solution.

The user can try the demo version which is provided for free for all users.

Working on the app

To merge the PST files using the Merge PST tool a user needs to follow the below-provided steps. Let us have a look at them:

  • Step 1- Install the PST Merger tool in your Windows OS
  • Step 2- Introduce the app
  • Step 3- Add any number of Outlook PST files you want to merge
  • Step 4- Preview all of your PST files
  • Step 5- Browse the location of the merged file
  • Step 6- Finally click on the “Merge Now” button.


  • These steps can conveniently be followed by any user without any hurdle.

Final Words

This blog explains the merging of PST files. Moreover, the blog provides various methods following which a user will be able to successfully merge their Outlook PST files. A user can select any of these methods and go with the merging procedure.


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