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Manoj Dhanda: The ‘Cloud Man of India’ A Transformative Journey

by sophiajames

When it comes to India’s ever-changing digital landscape, one name stands out as an icon of innovation and determination: Manoj Dhanda, also known as the ‘Cloud Man of India.’

From the simple beginnings of a small room of 10×10 in Haryana with just ₹5000 and an old computer, his journey to founding India’s first cloud platform – Utho, a pioneering cloud platform, is truly inspiring.

A man from a small Haryana town is now a leader, technological specialist, public speaker, marketing guru, author of a book “Sapno Se Haqeeqat Tak” and inspiration to young people.

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His journey began in 2010 when he started a web hosting business. But after working 8 years in the industry he spotted a gap in the Indian cloud industry. He saw more than just a barrier, but a significant opportunity for growth and transformation.

There were several challenges and gaps users faced with some hyperscalers, including cloud complexity, high costs, and lack of support.

Afterward, he decided to resolve the challenges with firm determination…

Thus, in 2018, he launched Utho – India’s first cloud platform, marking an important milestone in India’s technological advancement. Utho, as a cloud platform, was distinguished not just by its technical expertise — surpassing even the biggest global cloud companies in terms of speed — but also by its commitment to customer support. This combination of high-speed performance and a customer-centric approach sets Utho apart in a highly competitive field.

Utho evolved into more than just a cloud service; it became a representation of Indian invention that challenged and transformed the way the world saw India’s cloud industry.

Under his direction, Utho is now focusing on the “Vocal for Local” and emerged as a pioneer in cloud services as well as a symbol of national technological pride due to its focus on “Made in India” technologies.

With more than 22,000+ users including 8 cloud telephony leaders, Utho’s impact is seen all throughout the country. Businesses of all sizes, from hyperscalers, are now coming to Utho because of its user-friendly, affordable, and effective cloud solutions. This significant adoption is evidence of Utho’s contribution to accelerating India’s digital shift.

Manoj Dhanda’s story with Utho serves the purpose of energizing a country as much as creating a profitable business. This story tells us that all of our ambitions can come true and highlights the value of hard effort, dreams, and the limitless opportunities that exist when technological innovation and visionary leadership combine.

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