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Lucky Cola 2023 Dodgeball Tour

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Dodgeball Tour of Excitement and Fun

Are you looking for an exciting way to spend your summer days? Lucky Cola’s 2023 Dodgeball Tour is the perfect solution! This tour is the ultimate in outdoor recreation and fun for all ages. With locations stretching from coast to coast, the tour promises to be a hit with everyone!

What Is the Lucky Cola 2023 Dodgeball Tour?

The Lucky Cola 2023 Dodgeball Tour is an annual tour of the United States showcasing the best in dodgeball action. Teams of all ages from across the country come together to face off in a variety of dodgeball games. The tour is open to anyone who wants to join in the fun.

How Does the Tour Work?

The tour is broken down into four regional divisions: East, West, North, and South. In each region, teams will compete in several tournament-style matches. After the regional tournaments are complete, the top teams from each region will then advance to a national tournament.

Why Should I Participate?

The Lucky Cola 2023 Dodgeball Tour provides an excellent opportunity for players of all ages to participate in some fun and friendly competition. You can be sure to have a great time, no matter what your skill level. Plus, you can make some new friends and gain valuable experience in dodgeball.

What Are the Rules?

The rules of the tour are simple. Each match is played with two teams of five players. The objective is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with a dodgeball. Players are not allowed to throw the ball at a player’s head. If a player catches a thrown ball, the thrower is automatically eliminated. A match is won when all players on one team are eliminated.

What Is the Prize for Winning?

There is a prize for the team that wins the national tournament. The winning team will receive a cash prize and a trophy. Additionally, the team will receive recognition for their accomplishment in the form of media coverage and interviews.

Where Can I Register?

You can register for the tour online at the official Lucky Cola 2023 Dodgeball Tour website. You will need to provide contact information, team information, and payment information. Once you have completed your registration, you will be assigned to a team in your region.


The Lucky Cola 2023 Dodgeball Tour is an exciting event that promises to be a hit with all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can be sure to have a great time. So, what are you waiting for? Get your team together and join the tour today!

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