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Looking to create your own stable coin?

by Tech Peak

How about a crypto coin tied to the price of a certain metal? What about an industry-specific coin and utility token? If so, you’re probably asking yourself – “how do I go about creating my own cryptocurrency?”

Look no further, by partnering with us, you can launch a crypto wallet under your company name and raise funds for your Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Solulab has implemented modules for its White Label platform, allowing you to sell your cryptocurrency to potential purchasers. The sale of your cryptocurrency is done automatically and in few steps!

Step 1

All users have to do is complete the KYC form in your white label crypto wallet. After being approved, they can purchase your cryptocurrency.

Step 2

In order to add additional stability to their cryptocurrency, some businesses have begun pegging their crypto to the price of a certain metal.

Step 3

After launching the wallet and implementing the crypto into our Trade mechanism, the crypto will provide users a guaranteed minimum purchase price.

Why Are We Different?

Check out the key attributes of our feature-packed ICO platform.

Smart Contracts
We make Smart Contracts which are completely secure and loaded with security mechanisms while doing an ICO. Simplify the execution of various agreements to bootstrap funding for your project using different smart contract techniques.

In order to match a business’s brand image, the exchange can be easily rebranded, which involves adjusting brand logos, user interface, and design layout. The process of branding included in exchange can be customized to suit your needs and branding guidelines. In addition, depending on specifications, new functionality may be added to the current platform and can be modified according to your needs.

Referral Management
Our white-label solution extends no-obligation support to referral programs – acting as a primary marketing tool to bring new users. We help entrepreneurs set up this program, leading to positive results!

KYC Facilitation
Our white-label cryptocurrency exchange platform brims with built-in KYC (Know Your Customer) modules that verify the credibility of each profile. While doing so, you can ensure authenticity and eliminate wash trading (to an extent).

Multiple Blockchain Support
Regardless of the type of Blockchain platform such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar or your own Blockchain, we integrate it for you!

Two Factor Authentication
In all cutting-edge crypto exchanges, this function serves as a secondary security layer. As a result, this function adds to the security of consumers’ cryptocurrency exchange accounts. By utilizing this feature in your white label crypto exchange, you can protect your users from cyber-attacks and third-party meddling.

Crypto and FIAT Currency Support
However, more and more ICOs see a potential of accepting FIAT currency to raise funds. Therefore, we have integrated fiat based payment gateways to boost the target audience.

Custodian In-Built Wallet
Allow investments in the token through various payment options including Crypto and FIAT.

How much does White label ICO platform software cost?

The cost of launching an ICO usually depends on the type of unique business requirements you have. The tailor-made product can be completely customized in accordance with the client’s expectations. Regardless of the complexity, we provide ICO solutions which are accepted across industries Healthcare, Agriculture, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Banking, etc. Be it an entry-level, mid-level or enterprise-level verticals, we render high-end solutions.

Are you interested in launching your own ICO, but you are not sure if your team will manage to fulfill all the requirements? After conducting many other ICOs, we may say that we know the ropes of successful tokenization. Hence, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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