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Learning With Technology – Effectiveness of ICT Tools to Ease Workload

by naeemnoor
learning with technology

The term “technology” has become integral in many fields of study in the 21st century, including education. In most countries, technology is now the primary highway for knowledge transfer. Integration of technology into our society today has brought about innovation and profound changes in how people think, work, and live. In order to prepare students for life in a “society of knowledge,” the curriculum in schools and other institutions needs to integrate ICT.

The term ‘ICT integration in education’ can generally be defined as the use of learning technologies in schools that are closely connected to the use of technology in education. Due to the fact that students are familiar with technology, especially in a classroom setting, the issue of ICT integration should be taken more seriously in schools. 

Since the usage of technology in education contributes a lot to the pedagogical aspects of education; how ICTs are used in conjunction with ICT elements to enhance learning. A technology-based approach to learning can benefit almost all fields, including mathematics, science, languages, arts, and humanities. Additionally, ICT has helped and provided complimentary support for both teachers and students where it involves the help of computers serving as learning aids to help with effective learning.

As an add-on supplement to quality educators, computers and technology do not act as a substitute for their expertise, but rather, are viewed as enhancing tools. It’s crucial for ICT to be incorporated into education since technology not only makes learning possible but also enables teachers and students to meet even when they are physically separated. It is, nonetheless, more than just a one-time learning process. This can be more of a continual learning process that facilitates a proactive teaching-learning environment.


A Dawn of a New Era

Several software’s, as well as service providers, have also eased the workload of students since bursting into the digital learning scenario. Students can now hire assignment writers online or avail assignment writing service to have an extra edge in the digital world. This helps them get better grades as well as a better view of their respective courses.


The importance of software and applications has increased exponentially in the current digital age, be it education or entertainment. These soft wares have certainly changed how humans used to make things a decade ago. The following list provides a better understanding of some of the most popular applications and software tools that are used by students, teachers, and overall educational institutions for workload management: 


  • Edmodo
  • GeoGebra
  • Sensavis
  • OneCalendar
  • Evernote

These are the best educational soft wares for students. These programs can have you buzzing through research papers and group projects in no time.


The efficiency of Technology-based Education for Students

As students use ICT, they are also given the ability to make connections between their existing knowledge and the current learning systems. They also can exchange and share their point of views with their teachers and classmates. The use of ICT allows students to gain access to current issues.

Furthermore, ICT facilitates better learning and helps students to access knowledge and information related to their subject. Traditionally, technology has always been a source of information and knowledge for students to discover for their learning. For students to learn effectively, it is important that they can gather information, relate it with what they already know, and provide a discussion with their teachers and classmates about the information so they can see the relationship between what is new and what they need to catch up on.


Compared to traditional methods, technology-based learning is known to be more effective. Because of this, using ICT tools and equipment would create an active learning environment that schools and students would find more exciting and productive. Numerous studies have shown that the use of ICT in education enhances students’ learning. In general, teachers believe that ICT is helpful in classroom management as students become more focused and well-behaved by using it. Also, ICT has been proven to enhance student learning as it engages and engages students more effectively.


To Sum It All Up

To ensure that the very first stage of the ICT program is effective, teachers and students must be involved to make the best use of it. As a result, the school’s top management must effectively implement, monitor, and support technology-driven instruction and learning. ICT integration in schools can result in great success and benefits for both teachers and students if the implementation process is conducted correctly from the beginning, and proper maintenance should be provided to ensure its success. 

Teaching and learning with ICT is more about practicality than theories, which is why teachers should be given the time and resources to explore, learn, and experience, before being able to avail assignment writing or use ICT effectively for teaching and learning.


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