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Learn The Importance of Amazon SEO

by stellasharon
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Many entrepreneurs and businesses have found selling products on Amazon to be lucrative. 55% percent of all Amazon sales in the fourth quarter came from third-party sellers.

With so much at stake, there has been fierce competition. Amazon SEO is a great way to stand out. Amazon searches to help customers find the products they want, just like Google. Sellers who optimize their listings for search will be able to gain a huge advantage over the rest.

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How Amazon’s A9 Algorithm works

Amazon search is a search engine with a different goal to traditional search engines. You’re typically looking for the answer to a question when you type a query into Google. You’re searching for a product to purchase when you search on Amazon. The company developed to search algorithm called A9.

The exact formula for any algorithm is largely a mystery, as it is with all algorithms. We can however deduce four key factors from our firsthand experience. These are:

  • Your product listing should contain keywords.
  • The Click-through rate is the number of people who click on your listing.
  • The conversion rate is the number of people who buy your product after seeing your listing.
  • How many positive reviews you have received for your product.

The keywords you use in your listing tell Amazon that your product is relevant to a customer’s search. Your click-through rate and conversion rate as well as positive reviews let them know how likely they are for your product to be purchased. 

Amazon makes a commission on every sale. Therefore, they want to show items that are more likely for a customer to buy.

How to optimize your product listings for Amazon Search

It’s easy to create a product listing page that is more likely to be found in Amazon searches. To increase your chances of being found by potential customers, there are some key steps that you can take. These are our tips, based on our experience optimizing Amazon listings for clients.

1. Make sure to include the correct keywords in your listing.

Amazon will be informed about your product if you use relevant keywords. It makes sense that listings that include the exact phrase “noise-canceling headphones” will show up more often when someone searches.

First, determine the terms people use to search for your product. Find the most popular keywords that are related to your product with monthly searches.

Next, add those terms to your listing in different places, such as your title, description, and product features. Make sure that they are used in a natural way where it makes sense. Amazon will detect if you are keyword stuffing and may punish you.

2. High-quality images are recommended.

Online shopping has one drawback: Customers can’t physically inspect the product. Customers rely on images to determine if an item is right for them. Quality photos will increase both your click-through and conversion rates, which will help you rank higher in Amazon searches.

These are our top tips for images

  • Follow Amazon’s image guidelines. Amazon wants you to succeed. These requirements have been proven to increase conversions.
  • You can use more than one image. Amazon allows you to include up to nine images. Take photos of your product from various angles to show how it is being used.
  • If you are not an experienced photographer, hire a professional. This is a small investment that will make a huge difference in your sales.

3. Write compelling product descriptions.

While great images can go a long distance in selling a product or service, people still need to hear why they should choose you over someone else. Here is where a strong copy can make a big difference.

When writing product descriptions, the number one rule is to emphasize benefits and not features. Do not just describe what your product includes. 

Tell them how it will solve their problems or make their lives easier. Next, consider the most frequently asked questions about your product. Include the answers in your description.

You can also use A+ Content if your registered brand is with Amazon. This content is engaging and more image-based, which has been shown to increase conversions.

4. Enhance your reviews

Selling quality products is the best way to increase your reviews. People will be more likely to review your product if they love it.

A review is a great way to get feedback. You can follow up with customers to find out how they are liking your product. Then, ask them for honest feedback. Most people will leave a review if they had an amazing experience.

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