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Latest Trends in Mobile App Development

by pankajnirania

With mobile phones becoming more common these days, most brands and companies have turned towards mobile app development to promote their service. This ever-changing market is evolving at the speed of light, with its trends changing almost every alternate week.

It is very important for you as a brand to stay on top of its trends to make your service more accepted in the digital market. Whether you are new to this market or have some prior experience, understanding this trend can help you excel in your industry. Mentioned here are some of the top trends of this year in mobile app development.

Even though 5G networks have been introduced in the industry for quite some time now, they were not as heavily used. Recently, technology companies have started incorporating 5G on a larger scale, and more consumers have started taking an interest in it. It is expected that there will be 66 million smart phones with 5G connectivity by only next year.

This means that around 48% of the total market will use 5G networks by then. This will further change how people build as well as use apps. They will expect faster performances, better usability, and lower latency with higher resolution. Not only that, but this will also mean that people will not shy away from downloading new applications.

What this means is that if they do not like using one app, they will quickly shift to another contemporary. That makes it essential for you to invest in mobile app development in Hong Kong keeping this in mind.

  • Foldable Devices:

Last year showed a revolutionary change in mobile tech with the introduction of foldable phones. While the market was not very appreciative of the idea, with new second and third-generation foldable phones coming out, they have shown a keen interest.

While the insides of the phone function in a similar manner, the displays of these phones are quite new. You should always take that into consideration while developing your app. You should always make sure that your apps are running seamlessly on the foldable screen, with fluid transitions and easy usage.

Although this is a rather challenging app development trend this year, it shows promise. In addition to that, not a lot of companies have yet mastered this. Being one of the firsts to showcase a seamless app on this design, you will have a better chance to draw the market to yourself.

Mobile app development has become very important in today’s time, and investing in the right service can help your brand reach new heights. Reputable companies like Global ITN have efficient professionals who are up-to-date with such trends and can help you significantly.

What is the price of creating a mobile app?

According to surveys, the cost of establishing a business mobile app often ranges between $100,000 and $500,000: Mobile apps cost an average of $140,000, according to a VDC survey of commercial app developers. According to Clutch, the average cost of an app is $171,450.

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