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Kixie Chrome Extension

by Ali Khan

A Sales Dialer That Integrates With Your CRM

Kixie is a powerful sales dialer that integrates with your CRM and enables click-to-call. It makes building customer loyalty easy and fast. You can connect with anyone, anywhere, in seconds. All you need is your Chrome browser and a phone, and you’re ready to dial. you can add the extension from Chrome Web Extesnsions Store.

Kixie is a powerful sales dialer

Kixie chrome extension is a powerful sales dialer that improves the overall Kixie experience, including click-to-call functionality, CRM integration, and easy activity scheduling. It automatically records activity in CRM and recognizes phone numbers on web pages, placing a call-to-action button next to them. Kixie chrome extension is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

The Kixie chrome extension is a powerful sales dialer that allows sales professionals to dial any number in their browser, without needing to install any software. The chrome extension allows you to easily dial every number on your computer with just one click. Kixie is compatible with many CRMs, including Salesforce and ACT!

Kixie also offers a powerful dashboard for managing calls, including recording them for later review. The dashboard also enables managers to whisper to agents when they’re on the phone. It is affordable compared to its competitors, and it includes a decent suite of tools for sales managers, team leads, and brokers managing their sales office.

Powerful sales dialer

A powerful sales dialer doesn’t have to cost a lot. Most Kixie plans are free, and you can try them out for a week free. With flexible pricing plans, Kixie is an excellent choice for any company. It costs between $29 and $55 per month, so you can choose a plan that suits your needs.

Kixie helps salespeople close more deals because it automates the way salespeople engage with prospects. By identifying which leads are engaged with a particular agent, Kixie can automatically engage them. It also allows salespeople to break through the noise and close more deals. Kixie also provides a help center to assist their customers in case they need it. Customer support representatives are available by phone, email, or chat.

Kixie turns Salesforce CRM into a powerful sales engagement platform. It automatically logs calls and SMS messages into Salesforce and automatically creates new contacts when a call is made. Kixie also includes a range of productivity features, such as local presence and connectionBoost. It also helps you avoid unwanted phone calls and ensure compliance with TCPA regulations.

Kixie’s comprehensive enterprise solution includes intelligent CRM integration and voice messaging, which can help your sales team close more deals faster and more efficiently. It can be easily set up and uses any phone service. A Kixie chrome extension makes it easy to use, and no hardware is needed.

It enables click-to-call

The Kixie chrome extension enables click-to-call functionality for web pages. It can be enabled on certain web pages by clicking a red icon. The extension recognizes valid phone numbers stored in your CRM and allows you to call them with just one click. The extension allows you to customize the settings and add additional dialer URLs automatically.

Kixie works with Google Chrome and Google Edge browsers. Once installed, it can be pinned to your chrome toolbar for easy access. If you use Microsoft Edge, you may experience some problems with Kixie. For example, it might not load correctly. If the problem persists, try resetting Chrome settings.

Apart from enabling click-to-call functionality, the extension also offers call recording and CRM integration. It can be used by sales teams and agents to improve the customer experience and build loyalty. Also, It can connect you with anyone in the world within a few seconds. It is an ideal solution for those who do not want to spend their time dialing phone numbers manually.

Kixie is primarily a Chrome extension. The extension allows you to click a Kixie icon to call the contact. A window with the contact’s contact information will appear adjacent to your web browser. You can integrate Kixie with virtually any CRM. This way, you can use it with the contact management software of your choice.

In addition to click-to-call functionality, Kixie also has features that make it a powerful tool for real estate salespeople. For example, the extension enables you to enter a caller’s name, email, and phone number. It also displays a caller profile on both incoming and outgoing calls.

Kixie can help sales teams work better together. With an intuitive interface and integrated phone service, it makes it easy for your team to work from anywhere. It allows you to share a team directory and has numbers in over 70 countries. This makes Kixie the ideal solution for call centers and distributed sales teams. It also helps sales teams set up call groups, IVRs, and call trees easily and quickly.

Kixie PowerCall enhances your Kixie experience by enabling click-to-call, immediate CRM data access and simple activity scheduling.

Call or text numbers on any webpage in Chrome with a single click, with every interaction recorded automatically in your CRM.

The Kixie PowerCall Chrome extension enables sales and other customer-facing teams to boost performance with a suite of advanced calling and texting features. Kixie automatically recognizes phone numbers on any web page you visit in Chrome, and places a click-to-call button next to each number for one-click dialing. 

Calls, texts, dispositions and activities are logged automatically in your CRM, practically eliminating the need for the tedious manual record-keeping that slows down salespeople in their day-to-day activities. 

Features include:

 – PowerDial through lists of contacts automatically. Boost productivity tenfold by dialing up to 10 numbers simultaneously with multi-line PowerDialer

 – Advanced AI-powered local presence lets users call from a number with the same local area code as the person they’re calling

 – Voicemail drop allows you to leave custom pre-recorded messages with a single click, without having to wait for the “beep”

 – SMS templates with dynamic fields let you send personalized messages without touching your keyboard

 – Click-to-call any number on any webpage

 – Integrations with leading CRMs including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Salesforce, and more

 – Call center features including IVRs, ring groups, call queues, and dynamic routing allow for a seamless customer experience on incoming calls

Key benefits of using Kixie PowerCall

• Kixie enables sales teams to make more sales calls with an AI-powered sales dialer, voicemail drop, and local presence dialing.

• The software helps to improve workflow using bi-directional CRM integration & CRM enhanced caller id and supports integration with multiple third party CRM applications such as Salesforce.

• Kixie automatically logs all calls into the customer’s CRM software and associates them with current contacts.

• Kixie stores call recordings and allows users to enter notes, schedule tasks and see other relevant caller information.

• The product offers a variety of phone features such as greetings & hold music, voice mail, extensions and customizable call routing to help sales agents be more productive.

• Kixie supports the training of sales representatives with Call Coaching and gamifies the sales experience using real-time leader boards.

Kixie is a cloud-based interactive voice response (IVR) solution that helps users automate their sales processes. It can also be deployed on-premise. It offers users one-click dialing, call recording, call history, call coaching and reporting features, all of which are designed to improve sales calls.

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