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Keyword Analysis is the Foundation of Your SEO Campaign

by landauconsulting

Keywords are terms or phrases entered by users to search on the web. Search engines use these keywords to locate content related to the search query. The greater the web page’s relevance, the higher it ranks on search results. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) can help increase a website’s visibility and improve its chances of getting leads and conversions. 

Leveraging Clifton SEO entails finding the right keywords. A keyword analysis is a method used to identify the exact keywords people search online. Marketers use this data-driven tool to plot SEO roadmaps.

Suppose a target audience uses “buy flowers online” keywords, but the online flower shop owner opted for the “beautiful bouquets” through guessing. It developed its website and content on the keywords not sought by people. Search engines find the content relevant to the keyword, so a business unaware of the keyword used by the audience will find it hard to match its content to the people’s needs. This can result in unfavorable outcomes.

Each keyword is measured by search volume and competition. Search volume is the number of people using a phrase in a specific period. The more people use the term, the greater the search volume. Meanwhile, competition is the number of websites competing for a single keyword. Highly-competed keywords are harder to rank for.

Keyword analysis is crucial before optimizing a website and generating content. In-depth keyword research removes the guesswork from the SEO blueprint. The keywords used by consumers in searching are a great source of content inspiration. Businesses can create their content around these key phrases to offer viable solutions to people’s problems.

Keyword analysis also plays a vital role in website on-page optimization. It can assist businesses in choosing the best keywords for every product or service offered. This allows pages to rank better, boosting the whole website’s exposure on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Moreover, keyword analysis gives businesses ideas of what services to rank first. This way, they avoid looking for keywords for all pages at once. For example, a plumbing company can initially optimize the page for the “water treatment services” keyword if it has better metrics than “water heater repair.” Then, repeat the same process to other pages once the first optimized page gains traction.

But it is challenging to get the right keywords. Some digital marketers suggest investing in keywords with high search volume and low competition. However, these keywords are rare. Frequently searched phrases or terms are often in high or medium-level competition. People do not usually continue after 2 to 3 scrolls, so companies must choose keywords capable of landing the website on the top search results. 

Businesses can interact better with users using low-traffic key phrases than high-volume ones that place them beyond the first results page. An excellent example is the specific or long-tail keywords. Long phrases can earn more qualified leads than shorter and common keywords, as people searching these terms are more likely planning to buy.

Sticking with location-specific keywords is also a good strategy. Geo-targeting keyword analysis enables businesses to focus on locals, limiting competition and focusing on the audiences that matter to the company.

Businesses can hire SEO services Franklin to perform keyword analysis. With their industry experience, companies are better equipped to deliver effective digital marketing efforts.

Refer to this infographic by Landau Consulting for more information.


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