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Justification of SAP Business One Software Price – Is It Too High?

by Praxis Info Solutions

One of the biggest concerns for small and mid-sized business owners is to keep their costs in check. Companies that are at the start of their business journey and don’t have that much extra capital to burn, need to take every decision with caution and map out every possible scenario before investing.

Remember, every penny counts.

This is why several business owners feel that the SAP B1 software price is too high and they often end up not integrating it into the business. The argument is given that the initial cost is too high for a young business and if the solution doesn’t work then the investment would completely go to waste.

However, when looking at the big picture, the aim of any organization is to be preparing for the future while working with the present. SAP Business One is an exceptional ERP solution and has several different features and benefits that make help it justify the cost. It is important to keep in mind that all good things cost money and the benefits this ERP solution would bring to the organization will outweigh its price.

Justifying the high price of SAP Business One

Features SAP B1 Provides

Financial Management

Use the SAP B1 platform to automate fundamental accounting processes, improve margins, reduce errors, efficiently manage cash flows, track all your fixed assets, and have better control over your budgets. An extremely important feature for young enterprises that want to cut down on costs as much as possible without affecting the end quality. It can help in simplifying the manual data entry process which can be too repetitive.

Sales and Customer Management

Keep an eye on your sales process and the entire customer lifecycle to know where help is needed. You can store and analyze critical customer data in a single place and easily track which leads can be turned into potential customers, where are they in the sales funnel, and which marketing campaigns are working. Forecast customer demands, manage warranty contracts, and information on the go anywhere, anytime.

Inventory & Production Functionality

Easily manage inventory no matter which warehouse or storage it is kept in. Keep track of stock movement to and from the warehouse with the help of serial and batch numbers. Never lose a customer due to stock-outs or let products go to waste due to dead-stock situations by staying on top of real-time inventory data. Also manage shipping and return orders within the same feature.


Make sure you’re never going above the company budget causing a strain on operations by optimizing purchasing practices and managing everything from receipts, the complete pay cycle, invoices, returns, as well as payments to controlling costs more efficiently. Streamlining the procurement process and creating a centralized control centre can help handle data in a user-friendly way and save more costs.

Business Intelligence

Collecting company-wide data is important for getting an accurate gauge of how the organization is performing, which departments are lacking, and other metrics. The business intelligence feature of SAP Business One is one of the best ways of managing your sales performance with the help of well-defined KPIs and improving the overall cash balance visibility.

Analytics & Reporting

Decisions backed with data are often on the right track to achieving success. The analytics and reporting feature will dive deep into the company database and fetch real-time information for the employees to utilize and make the best decisions. Insights about cash flows, revenues, employee performance, customer satisfaction, and more help in taking swift corrective actions.


SAP has an in-memory analytics platform called HANA which not only aids in making the decision-making process more efficient but is also one of the biggest advantages of SAP Business One. It is quite easy to use and will instantly boost your business and increase the margins.

Why SAP Business One is a Safe Investment

Enterprise-level solution for a small price

No matter what the size of the company, its ambitions always have to be the best. While cost is a big factor for SMEs or young startups, performance is important as well. Hence the SAP B1 software price seems quite less when compared to some other solutions available out there.

It is the common industry practice

SAP is one of the most widely known ERP solution providers in the world both for large enterprises as well as SMEs. Their reputation is built on providing excellent service to their customers and making sure that they are able to reflect a boost in the business.

A majority of companies use SAP Business One as their primary ERP software and only have high praises for the software. There must be something right with a product if everyone finds it useful and beneficial.

Easier to find talent and support

SAP Business One is an important skill to learn and an experienced employee can help companies get the most out of the software at a minimal cost.

The popularity of SAP Business One is not just limited to the businesses hence it becomes easier to find people who are experts on the software.

They have years of experience or have completed certification courses to prove their mettle.

There are a plethora of SAP consulting partner companies as well that are always ready to impart their knowledge and opinion about SAP Business One and how it should be used in your business for the best effect.

In the end, though, it is completely on the respective business whether they feel like the features are something they need and if the benefits align with their objectives.

The SAP B1 software price and their budget are obviously another major factor and it can be a very important decision for them to go through the SAP price lists and decide on the best mixture of solutions needed by the business.

We are going through the fourth industrial revolution and adopting modern digital technologies has become a necessity. To stay competitive and profitable, it is advised to bet on the best option available.

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