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ISP license can change the world for India

by surajrajwanshi99
isp license

While talking about the ISP license, most of the blogs that you see online say the same thing.

Here is the process.
Here are the documents that you need.
Here is the part of ISP license cost that you actually need to pay.

The presence of such blogs have become so much that people don’t want to even discuss about ISP anymore. So, to remove this monotone, we are going to talk about something else.

We are going to tell how ISP license can change the world for India.

ISP licenses create the next generation of service providers

ISP license in India has existed ever since we started to provide internet services, and that was not too long ago. However, things have changed now. We are not in the dial-up era anymore. Our entry into the 5G is proof that the next ISP license agreement signed can very likely shape the future of the country. And here is why:

  1. The new generation of Internet Service Providers have access to updated knowledge about internet services. They know the most cost-effective and technically efficient way to spread these services around.
  2. The new holders of ISP license India aren’t solely concerned with profits. As the government is moving towards full-on privatization, it’s relaxing some policies associated with ISPs.
  3. Taking advantage of both these factors, the next generation has the power to provide high quality internet services to regions that to this day, suffer the government’s indifference towards them.

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ISP License fees assure that only the serious players are involved in business

There is a saying that over 70 percent of entrepreneurs. If I am to judge them harshly, I’d say that they are the ones that didn’t put a lot of capital up front in the first place. That can’t be the case with Internet Service Provider, because of high ISP license price put in place.

When it comes to license fee, it’s isn’t just about getting the application process. You also need to bear the costs of:

  1. Getting entry into the ISP market.
  2. Giving financial and performance guarantees to the Department of Telecommunication.

When you’ve put the amount of money that’s asked as entry fees and bank guarantees, you develop a desire to make your business a success. Simply put, you get serious about providing high quality and highly profitable internet service.

ISP License online registration process is not online

The entire sentence reads like an oxymoron where I am making two contradictory statements. But it’s true. When you Google how to get ISP license in India, all you end up finding are the same cookie cutter steps over.

Over that don’t tell you whether the process is offline or online. So, here is the truth, the process of getting the ISP license has both online and offline steps:

  1. You file the application and submit the application online.
  2. However, you then take a print out of that application and submit it offline to the Department of Telecommunication.

Consider filing online application as your obligation. However, in order to make the DOT obliged to look at your application, you have to give it hard copies of your application.

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How does knowing the process changes the world for India? Well, now that you know about the process, you can become that very change.


If you’re willing to bear the ISP license cost in India, you’re willing to change the world for India. To become an agent of this change, and to earn a respectable profit providing internet services, call our ISP license consultant.

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