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Is DrChrono EHR Software Right For Your Practice?

by bentarry
Is DrChrono EHR software right for your practice?

About DrChrono EHR

DrChrono is a mobile all-in-one EHR, practice management, and billing solution for all sizes of medical setups. DrChrono is known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. DrChrono provides a cloud-based EHR Software that can be accessed from multiple locations anywhere through the web.

Drchrono is an affordable EHR solution that provides you with a chance to avail modern technology and streamline your workflow in a budget-friendly way!

Key Features of DrChrono EHR Software

DrChrono offers several features to help you enhance your clinical productivity. Some of the top features include

Revenue Cycle Management

DrChrono’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) allows you to maintain income stability and give you more time to improve patient care. DrChrono offers help with all your medical claims through a competent team of medical billing and coding experts knowledgeable about industry trends and best practices.

DrChrono provides you the time to focus on your clinical practice while preventing administrative tasks from getting in the way. The efficient DrChrono Software takes over your time-consuming errands and provides top-class services at an affordable rate.

Overall, with a 96% clean claim rate, DrChrono’s revenue cycle management efficiently boosts your financial performance.


Telemedicine is an essential feature to stay safe and reduce exposure, especially during a Pandemic. DrChrono EHR Software offers a Telemedicine feature through which you can directly schedule and conduct virtual appointments. 

DrChrono EHR Software allows you to create online appointments and send emails to your patients efficiently. You can provide real-time consent forms to patients, which they can sign through their desktop, iPad, or iPhone.

Mobile EHR

DrChrono is one of the most advanced cloud-based EHR Software used on iPads. DrChrono offers mobile EHR Software that is much more proficient than a laptop. The mobile EHR is faster and convenient for you to use. The mobile EHR offers a pro camera that you can operate with a touch, keyboard, or pencil to streamline your workflow.

The mobile app offers various features, including customized medical forms, clinical notes, self-check-in for patients, and much more.

Patient Portal

DrChrono Software offers a patient portal that allows you to communicate with your patients quickly. The patient portal helps the patients to review their medical history, schedule appointments, and view lab test results. The patients can also pay their bills online.

The patient portal sends automated reminders to patients before each visit to prevent no-shows and improve your revenue. Patients can also actively manage their health through access to treatment plans and educational material.

Medical Billing

Medical billing is essential for the financial performance of your practice. The medical billing software offered by DrChrono is integrated with the practice management system and EHR. It is also combined with several clearinghouses to fulfil all your billing needs.

DrChrono eliminates multiple data entries and chances of human errors by effectively managing your billing procedure.

Practice Management Software

DrChrono offers an integrated practice management software tailored to your practice needs, be it a small practice or large. The practice management system streamlines your workflow by automating most of the administrative tasks.

DrChrono EHR Pricing

DrChrono pricing includes access to both EMR software and practice management software. DrChrono includes implementing and training charges in its subscription price, thus keeping the initial cost accessible on the pocket.

DrChrono requires no additional setup, implementation, or clearinghouse charges related to the revenue cycle management process. The minimum contract requirement is one year, depending upon the specific practice. DrChrono also offers free data transport from the old to new DrChrono platform.

DrChrono EHR Reviews

DrChrono offers an appropriate EHR, Practice Management system, and Medical billing software for small and large practices. Many healthcare providers benefit from DrChrono as it maximizes their clinical productivity. 

DrChrono has relatively positive reviews on most websites. The average user rating for DrChrono is 4/5, which proves that most users recommend DrChrono software for medical practice.

DrChrono EHR Support

DrChrono offers an excellent customer support service. Upon signing up for DrChrono’s medical billing feature, an account manager is assigned to you, who acts as the primary source of communication between the company and your setup. The account manager resolves all queries and answers all your questions. 

Furthermore, you can also view the self-guided learning material on DrChrono’s website. These learning materials include simple guidelines on navigating the software, creating templates, and other tips. DrChrono also offers an entire library of training videos on its website.

Our Two Bits about DrChrono EHR

If you’re wondering whether DrChrono Software is suitable for your practice or not, then we must tell you that yes, it is. DrChrono is one of the top EHR Software that streamlines workflow and enhances clinical efficiency of healthcare setups. 

Our complete guide to DrChrono involves everything you need to know about DrChrono EHR Software. We hope this helps you make a final decision.

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