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Innovative Ways To Use Embed Facebook Feed On Website

by Daisy Smith
Embed Facebook Feed

Since its launch, Facebook has been the most talked-about social media platform. Varying content and easy-to-use features make this platform the most popular in the social media ecosystem. 

Facebook has always been the key element for brands in their social media marketing strategy. Even Facebook provides a boost to businesses. It helps them to increase their reach beyond the local boundaries. And provides various features such as Facebook Ads that help them to grow and increase their brand awareness.

Marketers who are always on the lookout for new strategies finally found an efficient and cost-effective strategy to grow their business. Easily embed Facebook feed on their website.

Embed Facebook feed provides a variety of content to the businesses and ample user-generated content for their brand. It becomes a lengthy and time-consuming process to manually sort the content related to the business and display them on their website. 

Many tools in the market solve this purpose as they automatically fetch the content related to your business and displays them on your website. As Facebook provides such a variety of content, you can use them on your website to make your website attractive and pleasing to visitors.

Here Are 5 Innovative Ways To Use Embed Facebook Feed On Your Website:

1. Facebook page feed

Many brands often use social media to promote their products, provide some updates, and make announcements. Social media gives the power to reach out to a huge audience and increase brand awareness.

By embedding Facebook feed on your website, you can easily provide all updates and a sneak into your social media chatter to your visitor. The visitor will know about your social media presence and all announcements and timeline updates without exiting the window.

It also helps strengthen your social media presence and increase followers on your Facebook page. By embedding your Facebook page on the website, it creates a link between the both, and hence visitors can go to your social media page and follow you there if he likes the content on your page.

2. Profile post

You can embed your profile posts on your website. Visitors can go through your profile posts and share their opinion or write comments on your posts. You can answer their queries and reply to their comments. 

It also helps to initiate conversations with your users and hence, helps to build up your brand reputation. You can even provide further details about your business and product on your posts and keep the visitor updated on the latest happenings in your brand.

You can even organize polls, provide blogs, or ask questions to keep visitors engaged to your website. It helps you to make good connections with your users.

3. Facebook album feed

Visual medium often remains fresh on people’s minds and creates more impact compared to text posts. Visual content brings more vibrancy to your website and makes your website attractive.

Easily embed Facebook Album feed on your website and showcase your products. You can categorize your albums differently according to your product, providing the visitor ease to get some details about your product. You can also use photos to provide a detailed description of your product. 

Simply categorize your albums as content posted by you and content posted by the user. It provides a great benefit to your brand reputation. Firstly, it will make your past customers valued as they get a mention on the brand’s website, and secondly, it provides social proof to new customers.

4. Facebook review feed

Reviews are important for businesses. It helps them know the reputation of their product or brand in the market, people’s opinion about their product, and helps them win the trust of their new customers.

Facebook provides an option to its user to share their review. You can embed the reviews on your website and build some trust with your new customer. People trust the reviews posted by the past users as they share their honest opinion about the product and influence buying decision of a visitor. 

5. Page mention Feed

Facebook provides an extraordinary feature where users can mention your brand name on their posts or content and share their opinion about your product or their experience with your brands.

You can embed these mentioned feeds on your website, as it provides a little brief about your products and your brand. The feed also helps you to know about your reputation and users’ opinion about your product.

People use the mention feature in various ways; they share images with the product, provide a detailed description about it, shoot videos, create a video while unboxing the product. It helps the visitor to get good knowledge about the product.


Facebook is a powerful social media platform; it has a plethora of content and many useful features that help your business. You can create a link between your website and your Facebook account by embedding the feeds into your website. It helps you to gain more customers and eventually increase your sales. 

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