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If your fridge is not running, call for a repairing service

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If your fridge is not running, call for a repairing service

Same as other home appliances, a fridge at home supplies you with significant benefits. The refrigerator is a major home appliance repairing service that carries out its task round the clock and retains your food fresh. It provides you storage space for fresh food items with all the ingredients required to create your delicious meals and mouth-watering new dishes for your family and friends. A fridge is one such creation that has made our life effortless and trouble-free.

Your fridge needs extra care and attention to expand its lifespan. You should be aware of the protection of your fridge from problems and the exact time for repairing your fridge. Repair is better than a replacement for some reasons. It saves you money and takes a little off what you have to pay for a replacement.

A skilled and experienced technician can solve all the problems related to your fridge. He must have incredible product knowledge. If your fridge is not running, you should have to call a repair service. You can save your money and improve the longevity of your fridge by calling the best repair services.

If your fridge won’t start,

There may be some reasons for not starting your fridge.

  • Problem with the plug or circuit breaker

If your fridge does not turn on, there may be a plug issue. First, your technician will check the plug. Secondly, he will inspect the breaker of the circuit serving the fridge. If the power circuit has tripped, he will turn the breaker off.

  • If the fridge quits working, but the light still works

If the light of your fridge is on, it’s clear that the frigid is getting power. Your repair technician will check the airflow around. Insufficient airflow can overheat the compressor, and the fridge can shut down.

  • Problem with compressor

When you turn on the fridge after two hours of unplugging and the compressor start-up, it means there is a problem of overheating. But if the compressor won’t start, your technician will check the compressor relay and overload protector, temperature controls, defrost timer, and evaporator fan.

  • Defective start capacitor

When you switch on your fridge thermostat will send a signal to the start capacitor to start the refrigeration cycle of the fridge. But if the start capacitor does not receive the message, your refrigerator does not even turn on. There may be a problem with the thermostat that could not send the signal. The technician will check the defect.

  • Dirty condenser coils

If your fridge is not working efficiently or it stops working, there may be condenser coils at the back of your fridge. These coils evaporate the heat. If there is dirt on the condenser coils, heat may not dissipate properly and your fridge stops working. Your repairman will check the fault and fix it.

  • Insufficient voltage

One of the leading reasons for a refrigerator not working is insufficient current or voltage. Your technician will check the voltage of the outlet with the help of a multi-meter and voltage tester device.

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