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Identifying Patients Through Seamless KYP Verification

by Eric Milner

Risk is just like gravity, it can neither be denied nor avoided. Every industry is subject to a high degree of risk these days due to upscaling of fraudsters. If a list gets prepared, the top two ranks would be the financial institutions and healthcare industry respectively. It can be said without any contradiction that by identifying patients with automated KYC solutions the rank of the healthcare industry in that list can be way more beneath. Hopefully, if the healthcare organizations and IDV providers did keep doing their rightful part, one day the industry will not appear on that list. 

Identifying patients with digital solutions is being practiced globally and deservedly it should be. The robust nature of the KYP (Know Your Patients) verification does not leave much room for any phishing or scam. 

Brief Overview

The technological advancements have showcased a negative impact on different businesses, online platforms, and financial entities more than anything in the last few years. There have been substantial transformations in the working of scammers and ID thieves. By identifying patients with help of AI, the KYP compliance regulations are followed seamlessly and all illegitimate attempts in the patient authentication can be prevented. 

Ever since the rise of the dark web, not only healthcare providers but every possible industry has been victimized initially by the scam, and then the remaining work is completed by the regulatory authorities in the form of enormous penalties for failing to meet compliance mandates.  

Significance of Know Your Patient Verification

By identifying patients with AI-driven verification solutions, not only the particular organization but countless innocent individuals can be saved from defamation and interrogation. There are so many scenarios where a fraudster commits financial violations by using some innocent individual as a pawn. This is getting extremely common in freelancing platforms. To maintain the cover, often money launderers hire freelancers through different websites, give them a particular project and order them to transfer a certain amount into a given bank account. Identifying patients is inevitable to ensure anything like that doesn’t happen.

After the completion, they transfer the amount and if ever any investigation is initiated, the freelancer will be confronted. The scammers just like that create fake IDs and facial masks of selected targets for their gain and maintaining their cover. The victim is left alone to deal with the consequences and sentence. Identifying patients with global coverage in no time authenticates valid parties. All aspects of the patient’s ID are verified with AI-powered solutions. 

Facial Recognition

In identifying patients, the KYP solution with the support of thousands of AI models and universal coverage authenticates the facial dynamics of the screened individual in a brief session. The image distortion analysis coupled with micro-expression and depth analysis recognizes a shady business in just a few seconds. 

The use of a facial mask or deep fake gets convenient to spot in the biometric authentication. An automated solution with substantial artificial intelligence models makes identifying patients absolutely frictionless. 

Document Authentication

In identifying patients, online solutions validate the uploaded ID certificate to the core without taking long. The automated solution comes along with a self-learning model. The deep-learning algorithms recognize documents of multiple types. Due to the universal coverage of numerous documents, the system identifies data fields of various types of certificates in different languages. 

Identifying patients with AI-powered systems leave no room for errors as the solution self learns after every verification check. The data from the patient record is converted into a machine-readable format for confirmation, the entire process is immune to any sort of error and time-efficient for sure. 

Role of Dark Web

Identifying patients and maintaining regulatory compliance is pretty challenging and the highest contributor in all of this is undoubtedly the dark web. The scammers have obtained and aided millions of individuals in deceiving healthcare providers and other industries through the dark web. After recovering sensitive data from a database, like medical IDs or any other document, the next thing is putting it out on the web for the highest bidders. Identifying patients with automated IDV solutions can put an end to such illegitimate acts. 

PayPal credentials, medical records, passports, covid vaccine pass, literally everything is on sale. The number of buyers and sellers is substantial. Identifying patients with AI-based systems is predestined for every hospital, pharmacy, and healthcare platform. With the number of ID thefts increasing continuously, the best healthcare providers can do is identify patients with IDV solutions and global registers to make onboarding more transparent and swift. Digital systems are very practical, cost-effective in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Identifying patients with digital systems is predestined for every hospital and healthcare provider. The cases of medical ID thefts are not stopping any time soon but by practicing automated verification, things can get under control. Identifying patients with AI-driven systems is the masterstroke of healthcare organizations, combating fraudulent actions immediately. 


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