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How to Use the Effects Tool in CorelDraw?

by Graphic Design Institute

Learn about How To Use Effects Tool in Corel Draw – Corel Draw is a Vector Graphic Editor with the help of which you can create any kind of vector file and this software is mostly used to draw cartoons etc. And this software is Vector Base, which means that you can enlarge the size of the photo you will make in it and how much you can make it smaller.

It will not reduce its quality like Photoshop. In Photoshop if you shrink the photo once. And enlarge it by re-size again, then its quality is reduced at all, but there is no effect on the quality in it and in this you can make a very good quality photo, can you make a logo or poster.

Effect in Corel Draw is use to make the object good, or it is used to make it 3D to apply Effect in Cartoon, Logo, Card, etc. The most use effect in this is this. There are 6 effects which are use the most, apart from this the color filling Tool in Corel Draw is also used a lot.

1. What is the function of Drop Shadow

Effects Tool in CorelDraw

  • This Tool in Corel Draw is use to make shadows of any object or text.
  • First of all click on the Drop Shadow Tool in Corel Draw and drag the object whose shadow is to be made. Click on it and drag it with the mouse. The shadow will be create on the same side as you drag.
  • Then you will see 2 points from which you can change the color of the shadow.
  • And the button of how much to blur or fade the shadow is above.
  • Blue has the option of Opacity itself, from which you can increase or decrease the Opacity of Shadow.

2. What is the function of the Contour Tool in Corel Draw

  • The use of the Contour Tool is to make the same object on the outside (outside) or inside (inside) of any object, and after a Fix Gap
  • Suppose you have to make 10 boxes and there should be a gap of 1 cm between each box, then you can make it very easily with the Contour tool.

Effects Tool in CorelDraw

There are 8 options of this tool which I have shown, these are the options of this tool, now I will tell you one by one what works this tool and its options. First create an object and now by selecting the contour tool and now on the object Click, you will see these 8 options as soon as you click on the object

  1. If you want to start copying the object from the center of the object, then click on it
  2. If copy is to be do inside then click on this option
  3. Click on this option if you want to copy
  4. How much to copy, fill it here
  5. How much crop or gap should there be between each copy, it should be fill
  6. Select the color of the object which is the outermost copy
  7. From this the color of the innermost object will be select.
  8. With this option, you can increase or decrease the distance between the objects. By moving the cursor of the object forward or backward, the distance between the objects will become more and less.

3. What is the function of the Blend Tool

The Blend tool also copies the object, but it does not move in or out; it creates an object between two objects.

4. Distort

Will turn the object into this shape which you would not have imagin

5. Envelop

You can change the shape of the object manually, it works like the Shape Edit Tool in Corel Draw.

6. Extrude

  • It is use to make any object 3D.
  • By selecting this tool and clicking on any object, dragging it will become 3D.

Effects Tool in CorelDraw

  1. As soon as 3d is create, you will get a cursor on the object, with this you can make the object more 3d.
  2. This object will change the angle of the object as you hold it 3 which is visible.
  3. With this you can change the color of the object, with this you can fill 2 colors in the object.
  4. This option is use for light effects on the object, with this you can apply light on the object from any angle.

This is the basic use of the Effects Tool in Corel Draw. Using more than this you can apply more effects than the ones in the above option. You can take coreldraw classes near me from any training institute, online or offline classes… Nowadays there are lots of graphic design institute in Delhi which provide advanced training on coreldraw courses…

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