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How to Use Sales Engagement to Drive Revenue

by jackthomas789
Sales Engagement Software


The business world is changing, and the way we sell needs to change too. That’s where sales engagement comes in. Sales engagement software allows sales teams to track each step of the buying journey while providing valuable insight into how they can best engage with customers.

What does “sales engagement” mean?

The future of selling is sales engagement. As technology continues to change how we do business, it’s important that organizations make sure their salespeople have every advantage possible in order to stay competitive. Old-fashioned methods of tracking and managing sales activity just aren’t cutting it anymore; they’re too impersonal and don’t allow for enough flexibility.

Sales engagement allows you to use technology to drive human connections between your sales team and its customers, creating a more personalized experience that ultimately leads to higher revenue numbers for your company.

Why are people so excited about it?

The reason so many businesses are excited about sales engagement software is that it’s a new way of doing things.

Sales engagement software helps companies to sell more, faster, and more profitably. It also allows you to reach out to more people than ever before.

Why are we discussing sales engagement right now?

It’s no secret that the sales engagement industry is booming. According to Salesforce, for example, sales engagement has grown by an average of 12% each year since its inception in 2015. A recent study from Forrester Research predicts that by 2020, nearly half of all companies will employ a chief revenue officer (CRO) or be represented by one leader who oversees both revenue generation and customer experience.

The popularity of sales involvement has exploded for one straightforward reason: it is effective. With sales teams having access to more data than ever before about their customers’ preferences, buying habits, and behaviors, it makes sense that they’d want help using this information to close deals faster—and at higher rates. In fact, those with high-performing CROs report up to 25% higher revenue per employee than their peers with less effective leadership teams.

How can sales engagement software aid businesses?

Sales engagement software can help you achieve the following business benefits:

  • Increased sales.
  • Reduced churn.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved sales team performance and productivity.

How does sales engagement affect revenue?

Sales engagement enables you to increase sales efficiency, productivity, and performance—which contribute directly to improved revenue.

  • Sales productivity increases as the number of prospects that become opportunities decreases. Engagement drives this process by decreasing time-to-sale while increasing conversion rates and closing rates at each stage in the sales funnel.
  • When you measure your lead sources against one another using a dashboard or metric like cost per acquisition (CPA), you can identify which ones perform best for your company—and then determine which resources need more investment versus those that don’t require further investment. For example: if it takes 10 hours on average for a lead to turn into an opportunity but only 60 minutes after they’re in your CRM, then even though there are more leads coming from your website than from LinkedIn ads (for instance), investing more resources into LinkedIn ads will likely produce better results for your company overall because those leads are easier to convert once they’ve been contacted by reps via email or phone call
  • When you know how much revenue was generated by different channels as well as what percentage of sales came from each channel during a given period (e.g., Q1 2018), then it’s easy to determine how much money each channel contributed toward total sales numbers—and then decide how many resources should be allocated toward certain channels over others based on ROI metrics

Sales Engagement is the way of the future.

Companies are increasingly realizing that they need to invest in their sales teams and provide them with better tools to help them get ahead. Sales engagement software gives you a number of benefits, such as:

  • Increased revenue – By providing your team with real-time data, you can make better decisions when it comes to customer service and plan for growth more effectively.
  • Improved understanding of client behavior – You now have a greater grasp of how customers perceive your firm, allowing you to develop more successful marketing campaigns.
  • Improved productivity – With access to instant information at any time, employees will spend less time looking up data from the past or manually entering it into spreadsheets or databases.


So, there you have it—sales involvement is a vital component of running a successful firm. If you want to build a successful company, you need to be responsive and proactive in your outreach to customers and prospects. You also must understand how your sales teams are performing and what needs they have in order to fulfill their roles effectively. The best way to do this is with a sales engagement platform, where everything can be tracked easily from one place without having any negative impacts on the rest of your system’s functionality!

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