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How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

by domainenroll

Pinterest is a social channel that primarily focuses on creative visuals,images and crafts. Users on pinterest will share images and videos to Display their skills, products, or services. Main aim of pinterest is social discovery of products than social networkingwith other users. If you want more leads to discover your brand and product , Pinterest should be a part of your brands social media strategy.

Customers on pinterest often use Pins as an information resource to compare when preparing to make a purchase. All things on pinterest is represented by a Pin, which is an image or video that is searched and saved by Pinterest users. This pins can also be used as backlink to your website, so they can help drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Pins are usually collected on Boards. Users of pinterest will collect and pin images from different websites and sources around the globe and save them to their own Boards. This feature of pinterest makes it an ideal platform for content sharing. larger brands and business , often create their own content and pin for their Board. Pinterest is a useful way to showcase one brand or businesses products.

Who Uses Pinterest?

Around 60% users are female, but male users are now icreasing. Pinterest will be very useful to people who interested in creative and visual arts.

What Pinterest account should you Choose for marketing?

There are two types of account available on Pinterest: 

  • Personal profiles
  • Business profiles.If you are using Pinterest to build your brand and attract customers for your business, you should choose a business profile than a personal profile.

What content should you pin?

Pins are usually visual bookmarks that you collect on boards from other site

You can:

  • Create your own Pins.
  • Save Pins from other sites.
  • Add new ones from websites.

    How often should you post on Pinterest?

It’s a good idea to save Pins regularly! 

Consistent, daily activity is better than a one time flurry of activity. Plan and analyze how much content you have available, and plan regular times in your social media schedule to dedicate to Pinterest.

How can you optimize your Pins?

You need to create and optimize contents that fits the style of Pinterest. Doing so will ensure your content has a better chance to stand out and will be more appealing to your potential audience.

To optimize a Pin on pinterest, you can follow these techniques:

1. Use vertical pins

vertical pins are more good than horizontal pins. Reason for this is vertical pins take up more space in the feed, creating a cohesive look and feel. The optimal Pinterest graphic ratio is 2:3 .

2. Consider your logo placement

For brand strength and recognition,include logo on every single pins . Place logo on the top or bottom of your Pin to ensure your mark is on it without overlapping the image.

3. Use high-quality visuals

Use beautiful and high-quality images and video within your Pins.

4. Use bold text

To optimize text content it’s important to use bold for any text you want to stand out against the rest. Text should be readable on all devices.

Last words

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