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How to Use Custom Labels for Your Product Marketing

by smithwillas

Whether your company is large or little, having a solid and effective marketing strategy is always necessary. Branding, as well as marketing expenditures, may rapidly pile up; therefore, it’s critical to make selections that seem to be both productive and cost-effective. For example, custom labels might be a wonderful option when you can manage to totally design your product packing and other delivery items. Customized labels have been an effective approach to distinguish your product or package from the market and improve brand awareness.

Labels containing your business logo, product descriptions, thank you notes, brand hues, and far more might be created. A well-structured, eye-catching symbol on your goods may go a far way toward making your items and company appear professional and attracting your clients. iCustomLabel has gathered a selection of ideas for using personalised labels for your items and packaging.

What exactly is a customized label?

A customized label seems to be the feed element that you could use to sort goods into groups based on whatever criteria you like. However, customers will not see personalised labels because they are just for your usage.

Several marketing platforms feature a “customized label” property that you may use for your initiatives. Inside the Google Shopping list, for instance, you may use five customized labels, beginning with “Customize label 0” as well as finishing with “Custom label 4.” “Customize label 0” could be used to designate 15 of company goods as a “top seller.” In addition with customized labels, Google enables you to split your items by six distinct features: “Category,” “Brand,” “Object Identification,” “Status,” “Product kind,” as well as “Channel.”

Custom labels can be particularly beneficial whenever Google criteria like “Company” or “Product category” are excessively wide for categorization, or whether the goods within those groupings are still quite distinct from one another. Custom labels provide you more freedom within a defined framework.

Why should you use personalised labels?

Putting custom tags to product groupings in your catalogue is one method to prepare for a stronger marketing plan. You may use customized labels to divide goods into categories based on comparable features and alter your bid plan appropriately if you’re utilizing manual pricing, bid techniques, or Smart Purchasing initiatives. This extra division also enables you to examine performances at a finer level and identify trends plus insights.

You may set up distinct customized labels for various exporters, develop dynamic procedures for adding labels to fresh goods and mix data from numerous streams to make data-backed choices with the correct feed management solution.

How can I make use of personalised labels?

Following the optimization of your feed, appropriate bid categorization is the most crucial stage in doing successfully in search advertising campaigns. We’ve put up with eight effective techniques to split your bids utilizing customized labels for better Google Shopping results.

Customized Labeling at a Price Point:

Price levels, often known as price pots, are a frequent data item for effective customized labeling. Price buckets enable you to categorise your goods based on their pricing ranges. For instance, any $12.99 product might be inside the price bracket “$0-$50.”

This labeling is especially beneficial while there are significant pricing differences within a particular brand or item category.

While this may look to be advantageous at moments to boost prices on a certain company or product category group, doing this over the range may be inefficient. By increasing all bids solely on the basis of product category or company, you chance bidding too much on low-value transactions, which will not explain their price. Instead, by including price points into your categorization, you can set bids depending on the possible conversion rates of the items, optimise advertising budget, and stay on schedule with your various KPIs!

Customized Performance Labels:

The Principle of the Crucial Few suggests, in general, approximately 80 percent of the outcomes may be traced to 20 percent of the factors. When linked to online, this indicates that typically 20percent of goods generate 80percent of sales income. Getting this miraculous 20% is very far from miraculous; it is achievable via the use of performance customized labels.

Usually, according to Google Ads measurements, one may determine the cutting off thresholds for bad, good, and top performers. Generally, you would like to dynamically combine your Ads effectiveness information so that those metrics may be refreshed per item on a continuous basis.  Many companies provide a unique, highly integrated procedure that is also automated, transforming it into a dynamic answer that copes with new information.

Involve the Customer:

A unique product label will not be sufficient to gain a buyer to purchase your goods. To urge the buyer to buy, your labeling should provide data that will convince them to do so.

This content should encourage your prospective consumer to purchase the goods. For example, you may provide information on how your item’s ingredients distinguish it from others. You might also give a narrative about how the item evolved.

This is when the description of your trigger consumer. Is it more probable that your ideal consumer would be convinced by an effort to their feelings than their grasp of reality? Taking these aspects into account, we will assist you in determining what type of text to add on the package.

Make your item stand out by doing the following:

The typical customer’s attention span ranges between 8 and 12 seconds. With so many competing products on the marketplace, it’s critical to utilize your labeling to promote your product seem distinctive yet eye-catching.

People are attracted by labels with vivid colours and prominent typography. Larger labeling is also more effective since they allow consumers to read them more quickly. The purpose of any label’s general style ought to be to rapidly capture a client’s interest so that they would look at the goods in further detail.


If you want to buy customized labels for the business, go to some well-known website! We understand the significance of marketing for any company, no matter how large or little. Which is why we are proud of our premium-quality products plus our satisfaction assurance. Begin creating your own designs right away!



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