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How to Unlock iPhone SIM Lock

by wajahat
Unlock iPhone SIM Lock

There are a few different ways to Unlock iPhone SIM Lock. You can use an IMEI checker or other software to see if your iPhone is locked. Other options include a lockaway tool from Mobitrix or iRemove. All of these methods are easy and can unlock your iPhone.

IMEI checker

If you want to unlock the SIM lock on your iPhone, you’ll need to know your phone’s IMEI number. This number is unique to every phone. It indicates the manufacturer, model, and carrier of the phone. It also tells whether the phone is locked or unlocked. You can find the IMEI number on your phone by dialing *#06# or by accessing the settings.

To find your IMEI number, you’ll need to use the Phone app or settings and choose “About Phone”. Once you’ve located the “Status” section, the IMEI will be displayed. Alternatively, you can remove the SIM tray from your iPhone and look at the number there. However, this method is only effective on phones with removable SIM trays.

Another option is to contact your carrier and ask them to unlock your iPhone. However, this is not an ideal option because carriers will only share information about their own phones. And, it’s time consuming to wait for a callback, which can take a few days. Fortunately, there are a number of online IMEI checkers that can help you find an unlocked iPhone.

First, you need to get the IMEI number of your iPhone. This number is located on the SIM tray of many new iPhone models. Fortunately, obtaining this number is fairly straightforward. Once you’ve found it, you can use the IMEI checker to unlock the iPhone SIM lock.

Once you’ve located your phone’s IMEI, you can contact the network carrier and get it unlocked. Afterward, you can use the phone with any network provider in the world. The service is backed by a first-class customer support team, so you can always contact them if you need any help. If you’ve done your homework and found a reliable service, you can feel confident that you won’t have a problem unlocking your iPhone.


UB SIM is a great option for unlocking iPhones. This innovative technology unlocks your iPhone with 100% reliability. It offers strong signals and is highly stable. It is also easy to configure and offers ICCID Mode. After unlocking your iPhone with UB SIM, you can use any carrier’s network to use it with.

The UB SIM 16 is a special version for UnlockBoot customers that allows your phone to work with any GSM carrier. The UB SIM 16 is 100% reliable and stable, and is a great choice if you’re wondering how to unlock iPhone SIM locks.

First, connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop. Once connected, use the Checkra1n tool built into the software. It will check your device’s eligibility for unlocking and display the results on the screen. Once it has checked everything, click the unlock button to remove the SIM lock. The software will remove the carrier’s SIM lock, which might raise privacy concerns.

Next, install a new SIM card that is compatible with the new network. This will help prevent other people from using your phone. This will also protect your phone against theft. The UB SIM card also allows you to change carrier without having to switch carriers. Just be sure to reset your phone once you have the new SIM installed.

Network providers offer discounted phones for contracts. The contracts are typically one to three years. This way, the network provider can recover the cost of the phone over the contract’s duration. The discounts can be worth hundreds of dollars! Once unlocked, you can use the phone with another network or sell it for a profit.

Mobitrix Lockaway

If you’re looking for a good way to unlock your iPhone’s SIM lock, Mobitrix Lockaway is a great option. The program has a high success rate and can unlock most types of iPhone screens, including 4 to 6 digits, Face ID, and Touch ID. It can unlock your iPhone in as little as 20 minutes, and provides 100% privacy protection.

The Mobitrix LockAway software is incredibly easy to use and provides the ultimate in security and privacy. Allows you to unlock your iPhone even if you forgot the screen passcode. It works fast, and has a simple, step-by-step user guide. It also supports all iPhone models, including the latest iOS 12.

Another great feature of Mobitrix LockAway is its success rate, which is up to 99%.  takes 20 minutes and comes with 100% Privacy Protection and security protocols. It supports all iPhones from iPhone 5s to iPhone 14, and works with iOS 12/13/14/15/16. It doesn’t require a passcode, and you can restore your iPhone in a matter of minutes if you want.

After the unlocking process is complete, your iPhone will restart. Once it does, you’ll be prompted with a setup screen. Once this screen appears, you can restore your data by using your iCloud backup, PC, or iTunes backup. However, if you didn’t backup your data before the lock, you can still set up the device as a new device.

After the unlocking process, you can choose the carrier for your new iPhone. If you are switching carriers, you’ll need to make sure that your new carrier supports the new device. If your new carrier is not supported by Mobitrix Lockaway, you can try using a different carrier’s SIM card.


If you’re frustrated with the dreaded “SIM Not Valid” warnings appearing on your iPhone, iRemove iPhone SIM Lock can help. This software will enable you to use any compatible SIM card. This software will unlock your iPhone so you can make and receive calls and messages, and access mobile internet.

The iRemove iPhone unlocking software is easy to use and requires only a Mac or PC running iOS 12.0 or 14.8.1. To use it, simply add the device’s IMEI or serial number to the iRemove database, and click “Unlock Now”. After doing so, your iPhone will be unlocked and will work with any mobile network in the world.

The iRemove iPhone SIM Lock bypass software is a simple and effective way to unlock an iPhone and save your data. It can also be used to upgrade your iPhone’s iOS version. With iRemove, you can connect to any worldwide carrier without risking your device’s security. The process is fast and easy, and it works on both Mac and Windows devices.

Before you use iRemove iPhone SIM Lock, make sure that your SIM card is in the device. Then, connect it to your computer using a computer with a SIM card from an unlocked SIM card. After the unlocking process is complete, you can disconnect your iPhone and verify that the SIM card is now unlocked.

Find my iPhone

If you’ve lost or misplaced an iPhone, you can use Find My iPhone to track it down and get more information about its owner. You can view the registered email address and mobile number and even call the owner if you know their name. You can also find out their contact information from their phone’s call log.

There are several options available if your iPhone is SIM locked, including contacting the carrier and requesting a SIM unlock code. These options are available through the carrier’s website or live chat support. To use this method, you must restore your iPhone to factory settings. Then, you can unlock the device using the carrier’s website or app.

If you’re wondering how to unlock an iPhone, you should first learn about how SIM cards work. Each iPhone comes with a unique 15-digit IMEI number, which identifies it as a mobile phone. The IMEI can prevent a stolen iPhone from connecting to a network and can also be used to determine if an older, previously-owned phone can be used with a different network.

Another option is to enable the PIN lock on your iPhone. This will prevent unauthorized use of the SIM card. Once the SIM card is locked, the phone will no longer recognize another SIM. However, it will still be able to connect to the Internet with the Wi-Fi hotspot. You can still use FaceTime and iMessage on your iPhone if you’re in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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