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How to stop Microsoft Office from Crashing

by tech800n
Microsoft Office

Sometimes or all the time, the problem of appearing screen that Microsoft Office run to an error that preventing it from correctly. The fixing of a problem or click it to “Repair” will lead you to some hang-ups.

The message pops up with “MS Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working” because some applications are corrupted by the document or cached in some improper file formats.  The action will turn to the MS office support article inside the help menu or the tutorial (F1) online or offline in the system menu.

Microsoft Office Execution File Errors and Problems:

The word document or the Excel files may have the typical problems as displayed above. The execution file may show the alert such as “winword.exe – Application error” and inside the message as “the application was unable to start correctly (xx some numbers). Click OK to close this application”.  These types of messages and errors are officially recognized by windows Microsoft and its web pages.

The reason for the Microsoft Office application error might be:

  •  While “MS setup Bootstrapper” stopped by its functions, the initial step of making the backup of files in the systems is essential.
  • Some antivirus software installed for the system may block its operations.
  • Each component of MS office is expired in its date of registration with a system that may not appear for parallel functions while executing a file. The DLL files also have some corrupted to block the functions.
  • Some malware was also misguiding with pop-ups to corrupt the operating system. Failure of extension of such antivirus may be one of the reasons.

What is crashing by Bootstrapper, or does the MS office stops working?

The triggers made when the problem found everywhere areas:

  • The third-party antivirus setup is stopping with the message “MS setup Bootstrapper” the Microsoft office set up and making blocks to communicate within the Microsoft servers.
  • The corrupted keys for registry functions or installation files may cause errors.
  • An orbit file may create conflicts, which seems common for many users.
  • The older to the newer application cannot run through parallel functions at its tasks.
Some suggestions for the crash of the Microsoft Office file or the system loss:
  1. The Microsoft fixing method: which always suggested by the system while error functions have appeared. The usage of the offline or online tutorial may lead to a good solution for the problem encountered.
  2. The Registry editing mode by re-enabling the task scheduler.
  3. The windows navigator may guide this setup while the screen menu on starting the system.
  4. This enables reorganizing the program files and windows schedules as a default mode to run the system.

The above methods taken will save the corruption of files or the system saved without any crashes. The clean habit of making scheduled scanning with the proper shield of antivirus applications will reduce the strain of such problems.

If you can save a screenshot, that might be helpful too. Try to stay calm and remember that the IT help desk technician most likely didn’t cause the problem, so don’t take your frustration out on them.


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