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How To Setup HP Envy 6055 Printer Manually

by ameliadavis

With the HP Envy 6055 Printer, printing is simple for the whole family, allowing anyone to print, scan, and copy everyday documents, schoolwork, borderless images, and more. With HP Instant Ink, you can order ink for your HP picture printer from HP and have it delivered directly to your door with a savings of up to 50%, so you can print high-quality documents and images wherever and whenever you need them. Install your ink and drivers for your HP Envy 6055 printer and connect it to your mobile devices with ease using HP Smart app. Start your ink and driver installation for your HP Envy 6055 wireless printer by following this HP Envy 6055 Wireless Printer manual. 

HP Envy 6055 Printer Setup Manual Guide 

Users must first HP Envy 6055 Setup is required prior to using the printer. However, connecting your HP Envy printer to your computer may prove challenging from time to time. All of the instructions necessary for manual How To Setup HP Envy 6055 Printer are provided in One Printer Manual. These instructions will mainly explain the Setup process. 

  1. If you don’t see your printer name, try setting up your printer again. You have set up the printer, but the printer is not printing. In the lower right corner, choose when to open the status area. If the printer cannot save automatically, you can use the advanced setup process. If the printer does not set up automatically, you can continue with the on-screen steps for advanced printer setup.
  2. If your printer does not appear in the Make or Model drop-down menus, you can use a PPD file instead. During operation, the printer’s main light is always on (above the output tray). LED lights can also interfere at night if you place the printer in the room where you sleep. The two copy buttons on the touchscreen, one for color and one for black and white, are identical except for the fact that the color buttons slowly change color while the black and white buttons keep one color lit. There is a setting that can be configured to reduce power consumption (go to sleep) after these few minutes, but if you are using the printer in wireless mode, you will not be able to access the auto power off feature. 
  3. In this case, the printer does not need to be connected to Wi-Fi after setup. You can print from the Pixelbook with most printers connected to a Wi-Fi or wired network. Google Cloud Print is supported on select HPas printers and over 200 HP ePrint-enabled HP printer models. I can’t even get the HP Envy 6055 to connect to my Windows 10 Dell laptop. 

Connect HP Envy 6055 to WiFi

If you have trouble connecting your HP Envy 6055 printer Setup to your wireless network, this guide is for you. Here, we’ve used Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) or the HP Smart method to setup a wireless connection between the printer and your network. Thereby, connect HP Envy 6055 to wifi connection.

Step 1: Get Ready for HP Envy 6055 Installation

Firstly, make sure your printer is turned on, as well as your mobile device or computer. Connect your printer with the same wireless network you intend to use.

  1. You must have the following assets in order to use the printer over a wireless network: 
  • A compatible computer or mobile device connected using the same wireless network.
  • Stable Internet access.
  1. Make sure you have turned on your router and computer or mobile device.
  2. Make sure your computer or mobile device is connected to the same wireless network as the printer you want to connect.
  3. The next step is to set up your HP Envy 6055 Printer and load paper into the input tray. Installing ink cartridges is the final step. If you need more information, please visit the First Time Printer Setup page.
  4. Once the printer is switched on, place it close to the computer. The printer should remain within the range of the router during the entire process of connecting your HP Envy 6055 to WiFi.

Step 2: Connect Your HP Envy 6055 Printer to WiFi Network

HP Envy 6055 Printer can be configured and connected to a wifi network using WPS or HP Smart. Additionally, Wi-Fi Direct could be used when the wireless network is a guest network type or when a wireless network is not available.

How Do I Fix HP Envy 6055 Printer Offline Error?

In order to How To Setup HP Envy 6055 Printer offline issue you will have to turn your printer on and off a few times. The Ethernet cable could be damaged if a hardwired Ethernet connection to the Internet is not established. You should unplug and reconnect the hardwire cable to make sure your Internet is working. If your network does not have a firewall, you can pick the printer by choosing Print on the page. If your network includes a firewall, you’ll need to follow the instructions and input the network key or password to install the printer.

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