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How to set up and download QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool?

by amarawilliam

QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool is a great tool in settling the issues considering common company file corruption and network issues. This particular tools works great in diagnosing and fixing various errors.

It is designed and developed by Intuit with an aim to diagnose and get rid of the bugs and errors that occur somehow during QuickBooks usage. Errors like Access denied to QuickBooks database, Poor configuration of ports in windows firewall, Error pop ups like 6150, 6000-82, 6130, 6147, etc.,

Empty vendor lists, Empty customer lists, Employee lists are blank, H series error, etc. can be resolved using this tool.

To learn more about this tool, make sure to read the post till the end. Or you can also consult our team at +18445210490   and ask our professionals to help you with the tool.

Perks of QuickBooks diagnostic tool

This tool is highly beneficial for QuickBooks users. Here is h ow:

  • Diagnose various QuickBooks errors that can be seen at the time of installing QuickBooks software
  • This tool helps in resolving countless errors faced by QuickBooks error in the best possible way
  • This tool also decreases the fixing time of issues and saves a lot of time and efforts

Steps to download QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool

The below steps can be performed to successfully download the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool. Make sure to perform them wisely.

  • The very first step is to click on the official download link QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool from Intuit.
  • After that save the file in the system.
  • Followed by opening the installer that has been named as QBInstall_tool_vs.exe.
  • Shut down the running programs in the background.
  • Moving ahead, the user is required click on QBInstall_tool_vs.exe and then it will begin with the installation.
  • Once done with that the user needs to restart the program.
  • Also make sure to have a good internet connection.
  • Also, close all the background applications.
  • At the end of the process, software will eradicate all the errors that are being generated in the system
    • To begin with, the user has to double tap the QuickBooks desktop icon.
    • And then, do not open the corrupted file right now.
    • Now, visit the Utilities >> Repair file >> Network problems.
    • Moving ahead, hit Yes on the message, in order to allow collecting the personal information related to QuickBooks and it’s data. If the pop-up message doesn’t appear, then the permission is already provided.
    • The next step is to visit the folder that consists the company files and look for the one that is corrupted and then tap on Open option.
    • Now, opt for Show Advanced settings and a list of items in a drop down will appear.
    • After that, select the issue that relates with your current problem.
    • And then, enter the QB login ID and Password, and make sure you enter the right credentials.

      Facts related to QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool

      Before learning the process to use the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool, let us first unleash a few of the facts related to the tool. The connection diagnostic tool helps the users and the professionals in settling the unwanted bugs and unexplained errors. This tool is an essential feature that can be easily availed by the users, as it is offered by Intuit for no extra charges. A large number of errors can be easily resolved with the help of the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool, which includes QuickBooks H-series, or -6000 series errors that are generally encountered while opening the company file.

      However, the fact that matters over here is that this tool is compatible only with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP with QuickBooks 2008 and the later versions. This means that if you are not a Microsoft windows 7, Windows vista, XP user or if you are not QuickBooks 2008 and later versions user, then you can’t enjoy the benefits of this amazing tool.

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      When can QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool work?

      There can be a lot of situations where there this tool will act a savior for you. We have outlines a few of them below:

      • This tool can rescue, when the user faces issues with the access to QuickBooks database.
      • Poorly configured windows firewall can also be fixed.
      • Damaged or corrupted files can be resolved with QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool with much ease.
      • When the entries in the employee’s lists are lost, this tool can be helpful.
      • Empty customer lists can also be resolved.
      • The error that leads to blank vendor list in the software can also be rectified with the help of this tool.

      List of errors that can fix using this tool:

      • Unable to connect to QuickBooks database
      • Database connectivity issues
      • Unexpected QuickBooks errors, such as: Errors –6150, -6000 -82, -6000 -301, -6147, and -6103
      • Virus affected QuickBooks files or missing files
      • Multi-user errors, for example error H101, H303, H202, and H505
      • The system registry containing damaged files
      • Windows firewall port issues

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      Advantages of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

      QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool can be a savior, if used wisely. There can be a plenty of benefits of downloading and installing connection diagnostic tool that no one can afford to miss out, a few of which are enlisted here:

      • This tool diagnoses various QuickBooks errors that haunt the user while installing QuickBooks software
      • It also helps in resolving various other errors
      • Also, it decreases the fixing time of issues and saves a lot of time and efforts

      Steps to download QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

      The user can download the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool with much ease. All you have to do is to carry out a few of the steps and you are done. The steps involved in the download process are as follows:

      1. The very first step is to click on the official download link of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool.
      QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool-screenshot

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      1. After that, save the aforementioned file in the system.
      2. The next step is to open the installer named as QBInstall_tool_vs.exe.
      3. To move ahead, the user is required to shut down the running programs running in the background.
      4. And then, click on QBInstall_tool_vs.exe to begin the installation.
      5. The user is supposed reboot the program and move to the next step.
      6. It should be noted that, in order to avoid any kind of further issue, the user should have a good internet connection.
      7. Once done with that, clear all the applications in the background.
      8. And finally, software will eradicate all the errors that are being generated in the system.

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      How to Install QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool?

      Now that the tool is downloaded, all you have to do is to install it. In order to install QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool, the user can follow the steps enumerated below:

      1. The very first thing is to ensure that there are no previous or outdated versions of tool in the system. In case any earlier versions are still lying, then the user should first uninstall them. It should be noted that the having earlier versions can be problematic in the smooth installation of the new one.
      2. The next step is to visit the OEM website and then download the installation package. Also, extract the files from the system.
      3. After that the user is required to open up the setup and then make sure to follow the instructions. Also Read:





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