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How to Send Mass Emails: Best Bulk Email Software

by anyabaker15

Small business owner? Trying to figure out how to send the invitation to your scores of customers to your new venture? We suggest trying out the bulk email sender. Well, which is more convenient than the invitation sent online. As everyone owns a smartphone these days this is the best way to send the message. Not only it saves paper but also sets it as a pop up notification to them.

This is by far one of the usage of the mass email senders. It can however, be used for many purposes, be it sending seasonal greetings or to make the users aware of the ongoing sale, new product launches etc. This is not only genius but saves lots of time. But what are these software to send bulk email and how to choose the best ones. To find out more about the process of sending mass emails, read our blog.

What is a mass email sender?

Mass email sender or a bulk email sender is a software as the name suggests working on behalf of you to send a large quantity of the mail at the same time. This can be used similarly to the mass messaging softwares. There are many products available for this task and you can choose the best bulk email sender software from them. Here we will give the list of them to help you choose from it.

List of the best bulk mail software –


This is one of the top software used by business owners for sending bulk mails. This gives you plenty of options for using the premade templates and organizing your contacts. You can send up to 300 emails per day with its starting service. It comes with a variety of pns for different customers and over a large number of templates and features to make your life easier.

Be it sending newsletters or the regular updates for your subscribers, it can deliver it all. The service makes sure the mail you sent using it goes to the inbox and not to the spam. It delivers the real time automated emails and helps you personalize the messages as well.


Sendblaster is another of the popular names in the email marketing world. This also provides you with affordable options which are full of features to help you send mass emails to your customers. Here you can organize the mailing list and also set up the email marketing campaigns. This is a flexible web service for the business owners looking for a reasonable solution to send emails to all of their customers.

The Free download of the software will allow you to  try it out. Creating the email with its help is also useful as it takes help from the templates and gets the best for your business. Moreover it uses the permission list which allows you to filter the customer who has opted for sending emails to them.

3.MailChimp –

MailChimp is one of the most sought after software by the small business owners. As it gives you more options to create templates for the emails. The editor is also easy to understand in the software and it also generates the analytical reports for you. It can be used to market your brand among the customers and the potential customers easily.

It has a hush rate of analytics working behind the scenes to find out the best email strategy to send the email and record its response. There are functionalities like Time Warp which helps to send the emails at a particular time based on the time zones.

4.ThunderMailer –

ThunderMailer is used for large marketing campaigns and is available for Windows. This easy to use handy software helps you to send mails to the consumers on a large scale. It also gives you an option to choose between the free and the pro version of the software. Interestingly there are no nags on the free version therefore, the free version can be tried out with ease to test the features.

You can pay one time to take advantage of all of the features and send bulk mails to your contact list.


AWeber is another of the best services to send bulk emails for your business venture. It consists of some of the best features available for email marketing. It can be used for ecommerce, email automations, integrations and landing pages. Grow and build your community with its tools and promote your business. The best part is that the email software works with Canva to make it easy to create amazing templates.

Use it to reach your connections on time and utilize the controls over your emails with its usage.

 Conclusion –

You may be the owner of a firm or a small home owned business, it is important to have your work organized. The best way to do this is making it digitized. The use of bulk email sender can solve all of your problems related to keeping a connection with your customers. It is important to send updates to them from time to time to remind them of your presence. Be it an invitation, discount sale, season greetings or regular reminder of your product use the software to send bulk email. We have shown you the list of the best bulk mail software and we suggest you try and find the best one for you.

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