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How To Sell Branded Products On Amazon

by willrandy
sell branded products on Amazon

Amazon is a great place for you to sell products and make some money. It is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, and third-party sellers have the opportunity to earn a living online.

Although you can sell Branded Products through Amazon, there are many things to do and rules to follow. These smart, easy tips will help you sell branded products on Amazon.

Find your Niche 

Before you can decide which products to sell on Amazon you need to first identify your niche. This is basically a market or industry you are interested in. You can search for products that help you lose weight, get fit, or herbal products to see if you are a good candidate.

It’s a great way for you to start selling branded products. Choose the niche that interests you or your knowledge.

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Find profitable brands/products

You can’t sell any product until you have found your niche. You should also be careful to evaluate all the top-selling products in your niche. Not all branded products are profitable. You don’t have to look through a lot of data to find a profitable product for Amazon; all you need is to search for something that fits certain criteria.


Register to Join the Brand Registry


Register for Amazon’s Brand Registry if you plan to sell branded products. They will issue you Amazon Standard Identification Numbers for your products (ASINs) when you apply. This ensures that no other seller can list your items on their pages.

You will need to register your brand by obtaining a trademark number, images showing your logo, and a list listing the countries in which your products were manufactured and distributed.

You can get tons of reviews (the right way)


What could be better than hearing about the quality of your items from other customers? Testimony from other shoppers. This is true: consumers trust the user-generated content of other consumers more than brands. The more positive reviews and ratings you have on your product, then the more sales you will generate.

Amazon sellers sometimes avoid asking for reviews due to concerns about Amazon policies and not wanting their accounts to be suspended. While they are right to avoid violating the policies, that shouldn’t stop sellers from asking for reviews. You should be asking for reviews on a regular basis.

Amazon offers a Request Review option in Seller Central. You can also use the FeedbackFive product by eComEngine, Seller Labs Feedback Genius, and FeedbackWhiz to get more control over your orders.

Look out for fraudulent reviews left by people who are not authorized to review your products. If you don’t respond quickly to Amazon’s concerns, these reviews can damage your product sales and lead to account suspension or product recall.

Amazon customers love positive reviews and stars. They are more likely to convert if they see a lot of stars, which will result in increased sales volume.

Be sure to win the Buy Box


For Amazon to increase sales, the next thing you should be doing is winning the Buy Box as often as possible. The Buy Box is an area on the Amazon app or website where shoppers will click to purchase. This click may not be obvious to the shopper, but it is an option to purchase from a specific seller.

Seller Central allows you to check the Buy Box frequency of each product. Low Buy Box frequency can make it hard to increase sales. You cannot run ads if your products are not currently winning the Buy Box. It’s also important to keep an eye on how your products do.

Amazon considers many factors when deciding who gets the Buy Box. These include price, delivery time, and Prime eligibility. The loss of the Buy Box means that there is room for improvement in at least one area. The right changes can make all the difference in the number of customers who buy the product you sell.


It’s exciting to launch on Amazon. Be patient as it takes time to build relevancy for SEO. Amazon is a great platform that has allowed many brands to grow tremendously. These five steps are a great way for you to grow your brand.

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