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How to Run a Successful PPC Campaign To Get More Sales?

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PPC Campaign

In this digital world era, most companies, businesses, or any enterprise rely on Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC for short. Especially nowadays, people are now more well-versed in using their smartphones due to the global pandemic, where almost everything one needs is found through online searches.

According to a recent study, 65% of users to purchase will click on a PPC ad. Hence, PPC services are an excellent investment for marketing to create traffic in a business’ website.


PPC is an advertising strategy that revolves around running ads on a paid platform and paying it each time any user clicks the ad. This is an effective way to direct a targeted audience to a company’s website and generate traffic with the help of relevant keywords. Platforms that run PPC ads include Google, Bing, Yahoo, while for social media channels, there are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. As PPC is highly targeted, choosing the right audience for your market will ensure the campaign’s effectiveness. Any company can choose a targeted audience by age, gender, location, interests, or device type. Using PPC to the relevant audience will give better traffic results to a website in no time.


  • Keyword Research – the very foundation of search marketing, including PPC. Determining the right keywords for your targeted audience can be a lot of work. Using a keyword research tool to find the best-suited keywords for your PPC campaign. Remember to start with broad keywords before narrowing them to more specific ones. After getting a list of potential keywords, run these into the research tool to check search volume, keyword difficulty, related words, and more. With the help of this tool, choose the keywords with high search volume and low competition.
  • Competitor Research – you can check your competitor’s ads through Google Ads. With this, you can look at your competitor’s campaign, plan your own, and take advantage of the strategy.
  • Set a budget – having a fixed budget is crucial to a PPC campaign. Even with a limited but correct amount of spending, you can run a PPC campaign without any worry. Start by calculating the traffic needed for your goal, then divide it with the number of customers required by the conversion rate before multiplying it with the average cost-per-click.
  • Choose a bidding strategy – There are two types of bidding strategy, the manual and automated. A manual bidding strategy allows you to set a cap of how much you will spend per click, while automated bidding reduces the amount of time and effort needed to manage the PPC campaign but may cost more money from your pocket.
  • Optimize your site and landing pages – to keep your targeted market the moment they open up your page, having an organized, pleasing to the eyes and customer-friendly site and landing pages is a must. This will help in enticing your audience to avail your products or services.
  • Track your campaign’s performance – managing your campaign carefully will keep your audience growing; this will also show the effectiveness, results, and any problem you should work on to make it more successful.

Aside from the tips above, knowing your targeted audience to work best on your PPC campaign is also important. Consulting with a trusted PPC company will help you get started with your pay-per-click campaign. Now that consumers are constantly using their smart gadgets, it is best to consider PPC advertising to increase your digital presence worldwide.

To know more about running a successful PPC campaign, you can read this infographic from Digital Marketing Agency.


PPC Campaign

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