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How to reset nest camera ?

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reset nest cam

Reset Nest Camera

You may need to reset your Google Nest Cam at some point, just like any other electronic device. The camera may go offline or act strangely for a variety of reasons. It’s easy to do, but there are some things you should know before you go.

What you need

  • Google Nest Cam

Why does my Nest camera not connect to Wi-Fi when it should?

Google Nest cameras are one of the most secure camera options . What are the reasons you might need to reset your camera’s settings? The first is that your Wi-Fi connection may be intermittent or not sending the correct information to the Google Nest Cam. You might also have connectivity problems with the Nest Cam if your router has been renamed, changed its name, or any other settings have been made. An outage or power cut could have also affected the Nest Cam’s Wi-Fi connection. If the temperature drops below minus two-digits, the Nest Cam may freeze and then attempt to reconnect when the weather warms up.

You might also need to reset the Nest Cam for other reasons, such as selling it or giving it away.

Google Nest Cams are generally reliable and you may not need to reset or reconnect it. However, if it does, this is how to do it.

How to get your Nest camera back online

First, determine whether you require a reconnection. The process may be slightly different depending on whether you have an existing reconnection or a complete reset. Google Nest Wired indoor Camera Or the indoor and outdoor Google Nest Cam Battery Or a Video Doorbell.

Reconnection with the wired camera version would be as simple as cycling the Nest Cam’s current so you can re-establish your Wi-Fi connection and have the device appear in Google Home. This will usually resolve the problem. Google Nest Cam reconnection begins with the first step IT professionals love: “Have your tried turning it off, and turning it back ON again?”

This is where you need to start. Remove the plug from the power outlet and count slowly up to ten. This will ensure that all internal capacitors have been removed from the power outlet. After you reach ten, you can reconnect the Nest Cam wired. Once the Nest Cam is plugged in, it will start its startup process and connect to your network. This will most likely resolve any issues that you might have.

Your problem may be more complicated if it doesn’t work. After you have checked that your wifi connection is working properly and determined that the problem is not related to it, you might want to reset the factory settings.


Step 1 Disconnect the plug from the power outlet.

 2 Count slowly up to 10 (this will ensure that all power drains from internal capacitors still have charge).

Step 3 After you reach 10, you can plug in the wired Nest Cam again. The Nest Cam will start its startup process and connect to your network.

Step 4 : Most issues will be resolved by this step. Your problem may be more complicated if it does not. After you have verified that your Wi-Fi connection works correctly, and you have tried connecting to the device and plugging it in, you might want to do a factory reset.

Factory reset of a Google Nest camera

Resetting is more serious. You’re taking away any connections or settings and returning the Nest Cam back to its factory settings.

It is important to understand that your camera’s user-created settings can be restored to their default settings. Also, your entire video history will be permanently deleted by the factory reset. Make sure to save any video you have before doing this.

Step 1 : Hold the reset button on the Nest Cam Battery. Other Nest cameras might have a pinhole to reset.

 2 After 10 second, the status light will blink four times and you’ll hear an alarm.

Step 3 After 12 seconds the status light will turn a solid yellow color. The factory reset is now underway and you’ll hear the confirmation beep. Press the button. Now your camera will be back to factory settings.

Step 4 – If your camera has a reset pinhole. Push the reset button in and insert a small object or paperclip into the hole. The light should turn yellow and begin to pulse.

Step 5 Hold down the button until the light turns green (and pulses again).

 6 Press the reset button, and then wait for the lights to turn on and off again.

Step 7 The Nest will sound a beep and the light will turn blue to indicate that the process has been completed.

How do you remotely reboot a Nest camera?

You can reset your camera remotely using the Google Home app

Step 1 Tap on the camera you wish to reset.

 2 Tap Setup.

Step 3 Then Removing Device.

 4: Tap To Confirm

It is easy to reset or reconnect a Google Nest Cam. This should not be a problem. You might consider contacting Google to escalate the issue if the problem persists. In most cases, however, your computer will be up and running within minutes.

How to reset a nest cam with a reset hole

Select Nest models can be reset by using the reset hole built into the camera. The models include the Nest Cam (battery), Nest Cam With Floodlight, Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor.

For 12 seconds, insert a thin object such as a paperclip into the camera’s reset hole. When the reset is complete, the camera will indicate. Nest Cam IQ models will flash a notification light while later models will sound a chime.

This method doesn’t delete the camera from your Nest app. Until you delete it, the camera will remain offline in Nest App.

Follow the above steps to remove the camera from your Nest app. To reset a Nest camera, we recommend that you use the Nest app rather than the reset hole.

Is there a reset button for a Nest Camera?

Some Nest cameras do not have a reset button. The reset button is located near the mount or power connector. To use the reset hole you will need a thin object, such as a paperclip.

What do I do if my Nest Camera isn’t working?

Resetting a Nest camera is the best way to troubleshoot it. This is similar to reinstalling Windows or factory settings on a phone. It will fix any configuration problems and allow you to start over.


  • How can I reset my Nest thermostat?To reset your Nest thermostat, simply press the thermostat’s button to open the menu. Next, turn on the thermostat and choose Settings Reset. Select All Settings Reset to factory reset your device. To confirm, press the thermostat.
  • can I reset my Nest thermostat without entering a password ?Launch the Nest app to find the Nest thermostat’s pin number. Select Settings > Lock. Open Nest and select Settings. Next, choose your camera and tap Remove Camera.
  • How can I reset my Nest doorbell?Reset a Nest Doorbell by finding the reset pinhole at the back of your doorbell, below the USB port. Hold the button for five seconds. It’s ready when you see the white status lights.

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